KARD Discusses Rivalry With Triple H, Favorite Artists, And More

KARD recently sat down for an interview and talked about their comeback album, “rivalry” with other groups, and more.

After a long break, the group will finally make their comeback on July 25. During the interview, member Jiwoo revealed, “We mostly worked on music. We also went on an Asia tour.” J.Seph also said, “I went on a family trip during the break. I was also on social media to communicate endlessly with the fans. I wrote a lot of lyrics and focused on the comeback preparations.”

In response to a question asking if they were nervous about making a comeback after so long, Jiwoo responded, “We worried a lot. There were many times when we wanted to release music, but we thought it’d be better to do it properly.” She continued, “As we listened to and worked on many songs, we singled out the great ones. We continuously prepared [for the comeback] until now.”

BM also added, “It’s an album that’s finally been released after continuously being delayed. We thought hard about the timing and the song. Because it seemed like the time had finally come, we made our comeback.”

KARD’s third mini album “Ride on the Wind” and their title track of the same name will be an EDM track with a fast tempo and a drum and baseline that bounces to the dance hall groove and house rhythm.

When asked about making their comeback alongside other groups this summer season, J.Seph responded, “We can’t see it as a competition. The others are senior groups to us. Each team has its own unique color. Our songs have their own charms, so we’re looking forward to beginning activities. To be honest, we want to win No. 1 on music shows.”

With a smile, BM excitedly commented, “I really like MAMAMOO, Chungha, and TWICE. Chungha in particular is a solo artist, but the stage always seems so full. She’s really cool.” J.Seph also revealed his feelings of excitement when he said, “I’m a BLACKPINK fan. I want to meet them at music shows.”

Along with countless other groups debuting and making their comebacks in July, one group in particular that has attracted much attention is co-ed group Triple H.

Jiwoo commented, “We’ve never thought of Triple H as our rivals. Actually, we’re fans too. Many people compare us because we’re both co-ed groups but we’re teams with really different colors. We have no singers that we think of as rivals. We would like if people just enjoyed the music together with us.”

Somin also revealed, “We’ve been asked if we had rivals many times. But I don’t think we’ve ever had one.”

When asked about the strength of KARD, a co-ed group, Ji Woo answered, “It’s not a strength of just co-ed groups but one that KARD has – the fact that we ‘stand out.’ Regardless of how the four of us are made up, there will always be images of different colors. We find that fun ourselves, and we think that we have a lot more to show in the future. We’re anticipating it as well.”

J.Seph called KARD’s color “complementary colors.” He said, “Complementary colors mean colors that are opposite to each other. When mixing these colors, they become black. Similar to this, the members of KARD have their own distinct color. But when we gather the members together, we form the deep, thick color of KARD.”

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