6 Ways K-Dramas Turned Our Lives Upside Down

The world of K-drama is a truly exceptional universe that we can’t help but get sucked into throughout the many outstanding storylines. The reason we become fans might differ from one person to another, but there are certain characteristics that are bound to get us all hooked eventually.

Many factors catch our attention, and sometimes, it only takes one to make us sink deeper. As an avid fan, you start picking up on certain elements that always make the K-drama journey both thrilling and memorable. Here are six ways K-dramas have turned our lives upside down!

1. The celebrity heartthrobs

Our favorite actors and actresses always manage to win our hearts, no matter what role they play.

Just how many times did they make us fall head over heels for them?

Couple goals 


Second lead syndrome FTW!


Chivalry + fun + oozing handsomeness = the perfect squad

Special cameos are always entertaining to stumble upon!


And even villains have a place in our hearts!

2. The captivating plots

Once you’re familiarized with the world of K-drama, you can’t help but explore all sorts of plots. In fact, K-dramas include a variety of additional genres on the side that spice up the already overwhelming storyline.


Albeit being called dramas, there are more to them than meets the eye!


There is always some light-hearted humor even in the heaviest melodramas

When fantasy meets comedy

Romance often blossoms during a suspense-filled scene

3. The must-have K-drama moments

These details are featured in almost every drama to the point that they become more of a signature move in the production process, and oftentimes, we find ourselves waiting to see if a drama includes them.


Wrist grabs are a given

Hospital scenes are a vital part of the story


And there is always a mean mother-in-law lurking!

4. The potential love affairs

We can’t deny that one of the main reasons we’re obsessed with K-dramas is the soul-stirring romance we’re generously fed with, such as:


The complicated love triangles

The successfully escaped friendzone

The enemies-turned-lovers situation


Either way, we don’t mind the rollercoaster of emotions one bit!

5. The runway-worthy attire

Whenever we’re watching a K-drama, we can’t help but get a bit envious of the stunning outfits that our favorite characters flawlessly rock on the small screen!


Whether it’s a historical background

Or a modern setting

Either way, we find ourselves wishing we had a similar aesthetic wardrobe!

6. The unforgettable catchphrases

Some of our favorite lines become so popular, they end up trending amongst the K-community for the longest time.


Can’t argue with Ahn Yo Na’s logic!


Flirting 101


“Gwenchana, Gwenchana,” said Lee Joon Gi

The influence of K-dramas

As we go through this exciting path, K-dramas seem to have a palpable effect on our lives in various ways. Thanks to the heartwarming emotions, the panoply of meaningful lessons, and the human and social values we admire and look up to in every narrative, we can safely say that being a K-drama fan has become quite an interesting way of life: one that none of us is ready to give up anytime soon!

How did K-dramas affect your life? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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