TAHITI’s Jerry Announces Group’s Disbandment

TAHITI member Jerry has posted to tell fans that the group has decided to disband.

On July 25, Jerry shared a post on Instagram in Korean, English, and Japanese with a photo of TAHITI performing. She apologized for sharing the news on the day after the group’s sixth anniversary, but said that after discussions between their company and the members, they’d decided to disband.

She stated that the group hasn’t released an album in Korea in two years, and that they’ve been performing abroad in places like Japan. She said it was decided that following their last concert in April, promotions will no longer be possible.

“I am so sorry that we cannot make it farther and sorry for that we cannot promise you to comeback,” she wrote in English. “There were so much pains, tears, and disappointments but in my four years as Jerry in Tahiti, it is beautiful memory because of you who supported me.”

Jerry promised to continue to sing, either under the name of Jerry or Sohyeon, and expressed her love and apologies to her fans.

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여러분 안녕하세요. 어제 저에게는 4년과 약간이 넘는 시간이었고 타히티에게는 6주년이되는 뜻깊은 날이었지요. 그 좋은 바로 다음날 이런글로 인사드리게되어 너무나 죄송합니다. 회사측과 타히티 멤버들의 의견 조율로인해 타히티는 해산하기로 결정이 되었습니다. 한국에서는 2년이란 시간동안 앨범이 나오지 않는 상태였고 일본에서의 활동만이 유일한 무대위의 서는 사람으로서의 낙이었는데요. 여러모로 개인의 사정도 있고, 4월 마지막의 공연이후 더 이상의 활동은 불가능하다는 결론이 나왔습니다. 더 좋은 모습으로 찾아뵙지못해서 죄송합니다. 많은 힘든일도 많았고 눈물도 많이 흘렸지만 타히티의 제리로서의 제 4년은 과분한 사랑도 받았고 너무나 행복한 기억입니다. 여러분이 주신 사랑과 기대 그리고 크나큰 응원 잊지않고 가슴속에 새기겠습니다. 저는 제리로서 혹은 소현으로서 앞으로도 노래하는 사람으로 있을거에요. 어떤 형태가 될지는 아직 약속 못드리겠지만 기다려주시면 감사하겠습니다. 너무 죄송하고 말로표현 못할만큼 사랑합니다. Hello everyone. Yestersay was 6th anniversary for TAHITI. An d I am so sorry for telling you this a day after. All members and company had a long conversation and we decided to disband. album weren't released over 2years and our only performances were in Japan and several in abroad. I am so sorry that we cannot make it farther and sorry for that we cannot promise you to comeback. There were so much pains, tears and disappointments but in my 4years as Jerry in Tahiti, It is beautiful memory because of you who supported me. I will never forget your supports, loves and expectations. I will stay as a singer as long as I could be. Jerry either Sohyeon. I cannot promise you anything for now but hope you can wait for me being on stage again. I cannot even describe how much I love my fans ..I love you so much and so sorry.. 皆さん、こんばんは。 昨日は、タヒチにとっては6周年になる日で、私にとっては4年数か月の時間である意味深い日でした。 その良い日の翌日、このような文章でうかがうことになり申し訳ありません。 会社側とタヒチのメンバーたちの意見調整により、タヒチは解散することなりました。 韓国では2年という長期間のアルバムが出ない状態であり、日本での活動だけが唯一、舞台の上の立つ人の私としては、楽しみでした。 いろいろ個人の事情もあり、話し合いを経て、4月最後の公演をもって、これ以上の活動は不可能だという結論が出ました。 もっと良い姿をお伺いすることができなくて申し訳ありません。 つらい事も多く涙もたくさん流しましたが、タヒチのジェリーとしての4年は身に余る愛を受けることができた、とても幸せな思い出です。 皆さんがくれた愛と期待そして大きな応援は忘れないで胸の中に刻みます。 私はジェリーとしても、また、ソヒョンとしても、これからも歌う人でありたいと思っています。 どのような形になるかはまだ約束はできないものですが、待っていただければ、とてもうれしいと思います。 すごく申し訳ないのですが、言葉で表せないほど愛しています。

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TAHITI made their debut in 2012 and most recently promoted the song “The Secret” in Korea in 2016. The group had several line-up changes over the years, with Jerry joining in 2014.

All the best to the members of TAHITI!

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