Multi-Child Family Demands Action Against Malicious Comments

A family has recently spoken out against people who leave malicious comments about multi-child families.

On June 16, Yonhap News TV reported about the government’s lack of policy support for multi-child families and used the story of a family with seven children as an example. Since then, hundreds of hate comments were posted in the article aimed at them. The family complained about these comments and filed a complaint with the police.

Some examples of the malicious comments were: “Are they hamsters?” “They’re eating up quite a bit of tax money.” “They shouldn’t give birth to them if they don’t have the ability to raise them.”

Mrs. Kim, the mother of the seven children, demanded punishment for those who posted malicious comments, saying, “I was shocked to see them compare my children to hamsters.” She tried to prevent her children from seeing such comments in fear that they would get hurt, but some of her kids captured screenshots and gathered the comments. They persuaded her to report these comments to the police because those people would probably post hateful comments to others as well.

Therefore, the Kim family selected 67 serious cases and reported them to the Seoul Police Department on charges of libel and defamation.

On CBS Radio’s “Kim Hyun Jung’s News Show,” Mrs. Kim said, “While filing the reports, I wrote the hurtful comments one by one myself and broke several ballpoint pens and tore up the paper. People who have never experienced this before won’t know [how it feels]. Just imagine someone trampling on a cute puppy without a reason.”

When the article claimed that Mrs. Kim had filed a lawsuit against netizens for malicious comments, it was followed by even more hate comments. In response to these netizens, Mrs. Kim pointed out that hate comments do not end with just the comment and said, “You should know that a life can be ruined by your fingers.”

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