Fantagio Responds To Boycott By Korea Entertainment Management Association

More trouble is brewing for Fantagio.

On July 26, it was revealed through an official statement by the Korea Entertainment Management Association (KEMA) that until Fantagio’s legal disputes with actors Kang Han Na, Im Hyun Sung, Kang Hae Rim, and Choi Yoon Ra are resolved, the members of the Association are banned from working with Fantagio. KEMA consists of about 250 members, which are mainly entertainment agencies and production companies.

KEMA stated, “In contrast with Im Hyun Sung, Kang Han Na, Kang Hae Rim, and Choi Yoon Ra who requested dispute mediation to the committee and are faithfully waiting for the mediation results, Fantagio is uncooperative in the dispute mediation with the four. They have consistently evaded responsibility and are showing inconsistency as they say they’ll take legal action against the artists.”

The statement continues, “Fantagio completely does not understand the Association’s purpose to smoothly settle the situation, and we express regret at their ethically unacceptable refutations on having no grounds for disqualification and double-sided attitude when responding to the media.”

In response to KEMA’s statement, Fantagio expressed disappointment at KEMA’s boycott.

The agency emphasized, “The main points are that Kang Han Na and three others first brought up the inadequate registration requirements based on the Act on the Development of the Public Culture and Arts Industry, and as Fantagio has been disqualified as a member of KEMA, it is very burdensome to currently follow the dispute mediation terms through KEMA. Also, Fantagio has faithfully responded to KEMA’s requests until now.”

Kang Han Na, Im Hyun Sung, Kang Hae Rim, and Choi Yoon Ra requested dispute mediation to terminate their exclusive contracts with Fantagio in May.

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