Celebrity Couples Who Have Stood The Test Of Time (Without Getting Married)

After Jo Jung Suk and Gummy announced their upcoming marriage, netizens began to speculate on other notable celebrity couples who have maintained long-term relationships without tying the knot (yet).

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho

The actor and the idol-turned-actress first went public with their relationship in January 2014. Although idol relationships can fizzle out quickly due to busy schedules and intense public scrutiny, Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho have stayed steady and under-the-radar for at least four years. Online speculation and paparazzi don’t seem to faze them, as they frequently go out on dates to concerts and restaurants and send each other support when they’re working.

Honey Lee and Yoon Kye Sang

These two actors announced their relationship in February 2013, and have frequently come under netizen speculation about when they might be getting married. They are open about their affection for each other in interviews, go on trips together, and thank each other on awards shows.

Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin

This couple first went public with their relationship in 2015 after meeting on the set of a commercial. Both are models-turned-actors, apparently found a lot in common despite the five-year age difference, and immediately became one of the “hot” couples of the Korean entertainment industry due to their respective star statuses. Although they’ve only been dating for three years, their commitment to one another is measured in more than time: Shin Min Ah has been a pillar of support for Kim Woo Bin ever since he was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer last year.

Oh Na Ra and Kim Do Hoon

This couple has been dating for 18 years! They met through the musical “Empress Myeongseong” in 2000 and have been in a loving relationship in the almost-two-decades since. When asked why they haven’t gotten married, Oh Na Ra said, “We were too busy. While we were working, 18 years flashed by. Our relationship is good even now but other people think that we’re weird.”

Baek Jin Hee and Yoon Hyun Min

These actors first met on the set of the drama “My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol” in 2015. Rumors about their relationship status swirled until they finally announced that they were dating in March 2017. It turned out that they’d started dating after the drama ended, around April 2016. This makes them one of the shorter couples on this list, with only two years under their belt, but have gained points for the openness with which they talk about each other in interviews, as well as the interesting coincidence in their careers (both tend to appear in dramas around the same time).

Lee Da Hae and Se7en

Another one of the shorter couples on this list, Se7en and Lee Da Hae went public with their relationship in September 2016. They are notable for being a “same-aged” couple and were close friends before they started dating. They are also very public about their love and support for each other, and the “same-aged” factor is a refreshing twist among Korean celebrity couples, who more often make the news for large age gaps.

Go Won Hee and Lee Ha Yul

These actors also met on the set of a drama – KBS’s “Star Dust” in 2016. Go Won Hee personally revealed that they were dating after appearing on “Happy Together” (also on KBS) and the two publicly express their affection for each other on social media even today.

Hong Yoon Hwa and Kim Min Ki

One of the major couples of the Korean comedian industry, Kim Min Ki and Hong Yoon Hwa have actually set the date for their wedding: November 17 this year. They will be tying the knot after 9 years of dating, first meeting on the set of the comedy program “People Looking for a Laugh.” After they shared ideas for comedy skits with each other, they became close, started dating, and will become newlyweds before the end of this year.

Gummy and Jo Jung Suk

In June, this long-term and super low-key couple announced they would be getting married this fall. They have been dating since 2013, though they only went public with their relationship in 2015. Although their veteran status in their respective industries means that they’re frequently asked about each other, they downplay their relationship in public and are careful to be respectful of each other’s privacy. A solid foundation to their upcoming married life!

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