Jin Ki Joo Shares How She And Jang Ki Yong Became Comfortable With Kiss Scenes

Jin Ki Joo and Jang Ki Yong’s romantic chemistry in “Come and Hug Me” wasn’t so easy for them at first.

The actress recently sat down with media outlet Herald Pop to discuss her latest drama and her first lead role as Han Jae Yi.

Han Jae Yi is an actress and the childhood sweetheart of policeman Chae Do Jin (Jang Ki Yong), whose psychopathic father (Heo Joon Ho) killed Han Jae Yi’s mother. The couple drift apart due to this cruel twist of fate, but reunite as adults. Together, they face the demons of their shared past.

While it did not shy away from its dark plot, “Come and Hug Me” featured many sweet, romantic moments as well.

“It felt so unfamiliar at first,” Jin Ki Joo revealed. “Even with hugging, I worried at first about how I should hug [Jang Ki Yong].”

In fact, the onscreen couple hugged each other so awkwardly that the director asked them what they were doing. Laughing, Jin Ki Joo recalled, “When we saw the filmed wide shot, we weren’t actually hugging but only holding onto each other’s arms. We were able to really hug after that moment.”

“The next hurdle was a kiss scene,” the actress shared. “However, the first kiss scene was incorporated into an emotional moment. We were so focused on our emotions rather than the kiss itself that it felt more like an action scene, in the sense that we only had to be aware of our movements. After physically overcoming the first one, [kiss scenes] became a little easier from then on.”

Another factor that helped Jin Ki Joo and Jang Ki Yong become comfortable with kiss scenes was the fact they filmed many of them in a single day. The two actors became so used to kissing and immersed in their characters that they would naturally ad lib additional kisses that weren’t in the original script itself.

She explained, “When we were filming the last episode, we kissed all day. It was to the extent that I thought to myself, ‘Are they consolidating it altogether like this for us? After filming kiss scenes back-to-back, we shot the ending scene outside surrounded by greenery.”

While laughing, Jin Ki Joo confessed, “To be honest, the script just said [our characters] are enjoying a normal date without being concerned with who is around them. However, we naturally held hands and gave each other kisses because we had kept kissing right before that.”

See all the sweet moments between Jin Ki Joo and Jang Ki Yong for yourself in “Come and Hug Me”!

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