Korea Culture Industry's Federation Supports KEMA In Boycott Of Fantagio

Korea Culture Industry’s Federation (KCIF) announced their decision to stand behind Korea Entertainment Management Association (KEMA)’s decision to boycott Fantagio.

Previously, KEMA stated that, until Fantagio’s legal disputes with actors Kang Han NaIm Hyun Sung, Kang Hae Rim, and Choi Yoon Ra are resolved, the members of the Association are banned from working with Fantagio. In turn, Fantagio expressed disappointment at KEMA’s boycott.

However, KCIF has decided to actively support KEMA on the ethics review and decision making for the exclusive contract dispute between Im Hyun Sung, Kang Han Na, Kang Hae Rim, Choi Yoon Ra and Fantagio.

On the morning of Juy 26, KEMA expressed its concern to the members of the association regarding the actions Fantagio took after the company lost its status as a member of the association for violating the Public Culture and Arts Industry Development Act. Therefore, KEMA voted to ban working with Fantagio.

Previously, Fantagio was disqualified from the association due to non-recognizable, illegal business practices and usage of the names of former art leaders and the culture committee members. However, Fantagio showed conflicting responses to the press in the form of a double contradictions and remarks that are not ethically convincing. In response, the association expressed its deep regret and questioned whether the listed company has been operating legally and fairly.

The association said that it made the choice to represent the public interest with the truth and build a sound industrial system. Thus, KCIF, a coalition of 12 organizations, announced its active support to KEMA.

Kim Young Jin, the CEO of KCIF, stated, “The Fantagio incident is very important because it is a clear breach of order. Therefore, after reaffirming the truth that Fantagio had lost its membership in KEMA on the grounds of violating the Public Culture and Arts Industry Development Act, and until the legal disputes end, we announce our active support towards the decision to ban further work with the company. I hope this case will be settled properly, quickly, and smoothly.”

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