SEVENTEEN Shares Tidbits And Personal Facts About Themselves (With Help From Mingyu's Mom)

SEVENTEEN appeared on BTOB member Eunkwang’s “Idol Radio” on July 27 — without Jun and The 8, who couldn’t attend — and shared various tidbits and facts about themselves.

First, Seungkwan said that he’s usually cute, but because of his variety show image, his cuteness has been buried.

Mingyu then called his mom to ask what their family clan is, and she revealed that he is a Kwangsan Kim. (Clans are identified by a certain place of origin. A Korean surname can include several different clans; the clan is how to determine whether or not two Koreans with the same last name have a common patrilineal ancestor.)

When Mingyu boasted to his mom that SEVENTEEN won No. 1 on a music show, she said, “I saw. But weren’t you unable to say everything you wanted to because Seungkwan stole the mic?” Seungkwan, who became near frantic at the comment, quickly explained that it’s because they didn’t have much time, and apologized.

The other members also revealed their clans, places of birth, body secrets, habits, and more.

Dokyeom revealed that he has the rarest blood type, RH-O, while Jeonghan said he’s thinking about cutting his hair. When Eunkwang said he should shave his head, Jeonghan replied that he would try.

“Idol Radio” has now expanded it format, with every show to be held in an open studio in MBC headquarters and simultaneously aired on V Live.

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