15 Times BTS Was So Relatable That It Gave Us Life

BTS may be world famous superstars, but that doesn’t stop them from being daily memes! These down-to-earth boys’ ridiculously relatable quotes will have you going “Me AF.”

Check out 15 times the BTS members were just mood:

Me during finals:

Always a mood:

Me after doing the bare minimum each day:

Me sneaking pizza at 3 AM in the morning:

Me during Thanksgiving… and any day really:

Me as soon as I get to class:

Me trying to justify that eighth slice of pizza:

Shook Jungkook is me trying to figure out their music videos:

Me after a test:

Loner Jungkook is never not a mood:

Me like literally this instant:

Me in the mornings, in the afternoon, at night – just all day:

Lazy level: Min Suga

Honestly, of all the moods here, this one is the most relatable:

And finally, me in front of my crush, large crowds, and groups of giggling teenage girls:

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