Watch: Apink Reacts To Hayoung Revealing Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon As Her

Apink was quite excited that Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon would be Hayoung’s “sister” on JTBC’s “Secret Sister.”

“Secret Sister” is a variety show about two female celebrities, one older and one younger, who weren’t close beforehand bond as they share their daily life and confide in each other.

In an interview with the production staff, Hayoung talked about the kind of “sister” she wanted. She shared, “[I want] a sister that’s like a brother. Because my personality is so lively, I feel like I would be more like a little brother.” She added, “I normally like it when people act comfortably with me. Rather than using formal language and such, I don’t mind if she mixes in a lot of slang. I need a sister that won’t care if the other has something on their face or stuck between their teeth, just someone that I can chat and have fun with.”

After listening to her, the production staff suggested that she might have good chemistry with a certain person they had in mind.

Upon hearing the name of her sister, Hayoung’s face lit up and she commented, “I’ve always said that she was a senior that I respect since before I debuted. Even our fans know, since they’ve seen my reaction whenever Girls’ Generation would come up on stage in the past. I’ve sung their songs a lot and I know all of their songs, even their side tracks. My audition song was even a Girls’ Generation song. They were one of the reasons that I wanted to become a singer.” As it turns out, Hayoung’s secret sister was to be Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon!

Hayoung also revealed the identity of her secret sister to the other Apink members. She first asked Jung Eun Ji to guess, who jokingly picked herself. When Hayoung revealed it was Hyoyeon, Jung Eun Ji commented, “I think it’s going to be great!” She joked, “I’m a bit worried as Hayoung’s variety sense might come back twice as fierce.” Hayoung also shared, “I think Hyoyeon is going to be a lot of fun.” Jung Eun Ji continued, “Think about all the comments you’ll learn to say when you’re with her. I’m already worried.”

She then told Chorong and Bomi, who both chimed in, “I love her! We’re huge fans. Can you be our sister?” Bomi added, “Hayoung was a huge Girls’ Generation fan from the beginning. She’s even searched ‘Hyoyeon’ on the Internet and watched playlists of just her before.”

Chorong commented, “[Hyoyeon] has a lot of wit. Go learn a lot from her. I think she’s going to be a great help. Since she’s a senior, you will listen to a lot of good advice.” She then suggested that Hayoung and Hyoyeon could connect their respective groups together once they became close.

Watch Hayoung and Apink’s reactions below!

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