Musical Actor Park Kang Hyun Talks About Working With Park Hyo Shin And EXO's Suho

Musical actor Park Kang Hyun talked about working with veteran singer Park Hyo Shin and EXO’s Suho for the musical “The Man Who Laughs.”

“The Man Who Laughs” is a novel by Victor Hugo recreated into a musical. Park Kang Hyun, Park Hyo Shin, and Suho all play Gwynplaine, a pure character who has the terrible face of a monster.

Park Kang Hyun said, “In ‘The Man Who Laughs’, I have to be very immersed, and things like the stage, actors, and environment all help me naturally immerse into [my role]. When I look at the actors’ eyes, I get more involved in the musical.”

Concerning the other two actors who share the same role as him, he shared, “[Park] Hyo Shin and Suho are already famous and acknowledged people. I’m their junior colleague. Hyo Shin has been a singer for nearly 20 years now, and Suho has been a part of EXO for a long time. I’m their junior colleague who has just debuted 1,000 days ago.”

Then he praised them, saying, “I really liked Hyo Shin and Suho because they are both very passionate. They are both very cute as well. Hyo Shin looks cold and quiet, so I thought that was what he would be like, but he loves to play around. Suho and I become close because we don’t have much of an age gap. He also jokes around a lot, and we have many mutual acquaintances, so we became even closer.”

Park Kang Hyun said the three of them got to know each other more as they portrayed different versions of Gwynplaine and shared each other’s useful character traits that they came up with. He explained, “We [play] the same character, but I think our interpretations of the character are more different than I thought they would be. Hyo Shin’s [Gwynplaine] is more calm and quiet while Suho’s is like a cute, little prince. I run around a bit more and am more expressive.”

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