TWICE Shares Warm Words Of Comfort With Fans After Concert Is Cancelled Due To Safety Concerns

TWICE shared sweet and warm words of comfort with Malaysian fans through the group’s Instagram account following the cancellation of their concert in Kuala Lumpur.

On July 27, JYP Entertainment posted a notice on their official homepage regarding the concert. They stated, “It is with great regret to inform you that ‘TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park in Kuala Lumpur’ which was scheduled for July 28 has been cancelled due to safety issues in the venue. We ask for your generous understanding as this decision has been made with the safety of the artists and audience being considered as our top priority.”

TWICE had already arrived in Malaysia before the cancellation, and ONCEs [TWICE’s official fan club name] gathered at the airport on July 28 to send them off. Tears were shed by both TWICE and ONCEs as they bid farewell.

TWICE took to their Instagram account to share warm words of comfort with Malaysian ONCEs. In a clip that was posted, TWICE said “Jumpa lagi (Let’s meet again), Malaysia. We’re sorry.” In the accompanying caption, the members wrote, “We were even more excited because this would be our first time meeting Malaysian ONCEs, but something beyond our imagination has occurred, leaving both us and ONCEs very taken aback and sad. But we will definitely return to Malaysia! We promise! It hurt our hearts to see both ONCEs and the members crying at the airport, but please don’t cry because we will come back. We’re so sorry and grateful to all the ONCEs who waited for us. See you soon.”

Sana shared an additional message reading, “To our Malaysian ONCEs. I’d always wanted to return to Malaysia, a place I’d visited during my trainee days. The thought of coming here as a member of TWICE and seeing you all at the concert venue filled me with anticipation and excitement, but the sudden cancellation yesterday left me feeling so taken aback. Most of all, I am so, so sorry to our Malaysian ONCEs, as you were probably feeling the same way I was up till yesterday. There are ONCEs who flew in to Malaysia to see us too, right? I’m sorry. We really wanted to create our first memories in Malaysia with ONCEs and we wanted to be happy together.”

She continued to write, “This was a decision made because safety was prioritized to prevent anything potentially going wrong for us TWICE members or all the ONCEs who were planning to come to the concert. We would be so grateful for your understanding, and we will work hard to make sure we can see you again as soon as possible.”

Sana ended her message with, “You know that how you feel is how we feel too, right? We promise that the next time we meet, we’ll create even happier times and memories. To our loving Malaysian ONCEs, once again, I am so sorry and I love you. Saya sayang awak (I love you).”

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