Wanna One's Agency Asks Sasaengs To Stop Dangerous And Inconsiderate Behavior

Wanna One’s agency Swing Entertainment has released a firm statement against sasaeng behavior.

On July 29, Swing Entertainment posted an official statement on Wanna One’s Twitter account asking sasaengs to refrain from dangerous and inconsiderate behavior while the group is on its world tour. The agency requested not only that they respect the privacy of the Wanna One members, but also that they take into consideration the ordinary travelers who share the hotels, airports, and roads used by Wanna One during the group’s travels.

In addition to emphasizing the importance of safety, the statement specifically mentioned that the sasaeng behavior was both causing the members a great deal of stress and tarnishing Wanna One’s public image.

Swing Entertainment also addressed the recent controversy over what some have claimed to be photos of the Wanna One members’ hotel room. The agency clarified that the photos that have been circulating online are not, in fact, photos of the members’ room, and it further explained that it would be impossible for sasaengs to take such photos, as only staff members have access to Wanna One’s floor.

Read Swing Entertainment’s full statement below:

“Hello. This is Swing Entertainment.

We thank the fans who always give their love and support to Wanna One, who is currently on their world tour.

Due to some extreme fans who have been disrupting the Wanna One members’ rest and intruding on their private lives while using the same flights and hotels as the artist during their world tour, not only the Wanna One members, but ordinary people with no relation whatsoever [to Wanna One] have been negatively impacted.

As the tour progresses, the extent of this [type of behavior] has grown more severe, and the stress felt by the artist is growing as well.

Not only is the hotel a place for the artist to stay because of their concert, but it is also a space that [the artist] shares with other hotel guests. We ask that you refrain from camping out in the lobby, fitness center, swimming pool, hotel restaurant, elevator, parking lot, and other places [inside the hotel] for 24 hours a day, as well as taking photos or videos.

The airport is a public place used not only by Wanna One, but by many passengers from a wide variety of countries. Due to accidents caused in the airport by people recklessly approaching and filming the artist without paying attention to their surroundings, as well as people taking photos and videos in areas where filming is legally prohibited (including customs and security), the artist’s image is being tarnished, so we ask that you refrain from such behavior.

When the artist is traveling by car, following the artist by car so dangerously as to cause concerns about a possible accident not only endangers the artist’s safety, but your own safety and the safety of unrelated ordinary people as well. Therefore, we ask that you refrain from such behavior.

We ask that you convey your love of Wanna One to your hearts’ content at concert venues and other official meetings, and we implore you once again to respect the artist’s privacy in other places.

Furthermore, the disputed photos circulating online that have been surmised to be of the artist’s hotel room are 100 percent false. We would like to state that such a thing is impossible. It is impossible for anyone who is not a member of the staff to access the floor on which Wanna One is staying. Additionally, a security team travels with the artist 24 hours a day and is stationed wherever the artist goes, including the hotel.

We thank the many fans who have been worried about Wanna One, and we will make an effort to even more impeccably ensure the artist’s safety in the future.

We ask for the fans’ cooperation and consideration so that Wanna One’s world tour [can be completed] successfully and safely.

Thank you.”

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