Watch: DAY6 Experiences An Action-Packed And Emotional Healing Session

DAY6 has unexpectedly been swept up in a unique healing experience.

On July 29, Dingo released a video of the band titled “Healing from Hell.”

The clip begins with DAY6 at the new JYP building. A promise was made in a previous video that Dingo would treat the group to chicken if Wonpil doesn’t mess up his lyrics during “Shoot Me” promotions. As Wonpil successfully completed the challenge, DAY6 is seen enjoying chicken bought by Dingo.

They believe that they are just there for the prize, but Dingo appears with a surprise mission based on what the members shared in a past radio program on how they receive “healing.”

As Wonpil and Sungjin said they just cry, they have to sing “Shoot Me” while crying. Wonpil quickly succeeds by forcing his eyes open, but Sungjin has some trouble. He asks the members to hit him, but he seems to feel no pain no matter what they do. He eventually succeeds by pinching himself under the eye.

Jae previously said that he relieves stress by expressing anger, so he is asked to be angry while popping bubble wrap, and the members are told to make him angry. Sungjin begins making comments like, “You should stop playing games if you’re bad at it,” and, “I was watching you play Fortnite, and you keep dying.” Jae responds, “Honestly, I’m the second best in Fortnite of the people that I know.” Young K joins in on the roasting session by adding, “You don’t know that many people though.” Sungjin also mentions a 300,000 won (approximately $269) perfume that Jae bought which smells the same as Sungjin’s 3,000 won deodorant (approximately $3).

Dowoon’s healing method is revealed as escaping, so they play a game where the other members have to catch Dowoon with their eyes covered. Dowoon shows impressive skill as he slides around and escapes, and the other members end up hitting each other more, but he is eventually caught by Young K.

Young K said he looks at the sky and feels the wind. He is given the mission of blowing a tissue to keep it in the air for at least 10 seconds. Despite his various attempts, he fails the mission.

The clip continues with a hilarious self-made music video for “Feeling Good,” a B-side track from their latest album.

Check out the full video below!

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