MASC's ACE And Chibin Talk Further About Assault Incident In Separate Interviews

MASC’s ACE and Chibin have held interviews to share more about the assault incident.

In an exclusive interview with Edaily on July 29, ACE stated, “I would first like to deeply apologize for my actions, no matter what the reasons [behind them] may be. I thought of Chibin as if he was my real younger brother, and I wanted to treat him well, and I wanted to lead the group as one of the older members. I also wanted to refute it after organizing the parts I thought were unfair and the parts I wanted to explain. However, I have realized that giving a respectful apology [to Chibin] comes first.”

ACE continued, “We are not a club, but rather professional singers, and we are not solo singers, but rather work as a group. So I have always thought that we should have a sense of professionalism. In the process, a conflict arose with the young members, and an unpleasant event occurred. I would like to sincerely apologize again. I have left the group. [To Chibin] who I worked hard with for success, I would like to apologize once more.”

He concluded by saying, “Among the things that have been said, there are parts that are indisputably different from the truth, as well as parts that were exaggerated. Due to these, I have reached a point of suffering that is difficult to handle. In those respects, I have no choice but to take legal action.”

Chibin also took part in a separate interview where he further detailed his side of the story. He was first asked how the incident started, to which he replied, “If I were to tell you from the beginning, it was when [ACE] returned from his reserve forces training at the beginning of the year. At the time, conflicts were elevated. He came back and said things like, ‘I’m angry’ and ‘It’s so hard. Is there anyone I can release my anger to?’ The next day, it was raining on the way to practice. As mentioned in the post, [ACE] asked me to bring an umbrella, and someone else brought an umbrella. However, he began to curse at me, saying, ‘If I told you to bring it, don’t you need to bring it?'”

As the incident occurred earlier this year, Chibin was then asked why there had been a gap between the assault and his post. He explained, “At the time of the incident, people wanted to hush it up. They said that though we were unknown, it was an incident that could make the front page if it got out. The agency told me to choose if I wanted to reveal it and forr both of us to leave. In the situation, I couldn’t get myself to say, ‘Since I was the victim of assault, send him and myself out.’ I didn’t have a choice.”

When asked why he eventually decided to post about the incident, Chibin answered, “Nothing was resolved after that. [ACE] is altering [what happened]. There was nothing that changed. He uploaded a mixtape mixed with ridicule, his apology also looks like excuses, and he’s actually distorting the situation.” He was also asked if he had uploaded the post himself, to which he responded by saying that he organized the details of the post with his members as they advised him of the importance of not exaggerating anything. .

Chibin was then asked what he wanted from disclosing the incident. He replied, “He said he was going to sue me. I’m not afraid of a lawsuit. I went through the things I went through, and I’m the victim. I don’t know what parts he’s going to sue me over. I just wanted a sincere apology. I just wanted an apology, but he didn’t acknowledge it, and now the situation has unraveled like this. I hope that people won’t forget about this incident and that many people will know.”

He added, “[ACE] did upload an apology, but there’s no truth to it. He hasn’t acknowledged [the details] regarding the incident. It’s hard to see a sincere apology, and I feel even more resentful.” On the future of the group, he commented, “After things turned out this way, I probably won’t be able to continue with MASC. It’s unfair. I hope many people will know [about this].”

Previously on July 26, Chibin uploaded a post on his personal Instagram, where he talked about having been physically assaulted by someone he knew. He then elaborated on the incident, explaining that he had been attacked with a broken umbrella. On July 28, ACE confirmed that he had been the assailant and but denied some of the details of Chibin’s story. Chibin responded by uploading screenshots of their messages and refuted some of the claims that he had made.

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