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Park Bo Young looked back at her career on MBC’s “Section TV.” On July 30, the actress appeared on the weekly entertainment news program for an interview.

Park Bo Young began, “There was a video club in middle school. They were filming a horror movie, but didn’t have money. So they said to cast the smallest person in the youngest grade and make them into a doll. I was the smallest person, so I became the doll.”

Speaking about her family’s support, she said, “My father was really supportive. He said to do what I wanted to do.” She added that there are always many things for her to sign when she visits home.

The actress then talked about her first TV drama. She said, “In 2006, the Educational Broadcasting System aired a drama for teens.” While watching a scene of her and Lee Min Ho from ‘Secret Campus,’ Park Bo Young covered her face in embarrassment. She commented, “I apologize to Lee Min Ho for unintentionally bringing up his past. It was unintentional.”

Along with Lee Min Ho, Park Bo Young has worked with many handsome male co-stars including Kim Soo Hyun in “Jungle Fish,” Yoo Seung Ho in “The King and I,” Song Joong Ki in “A Werewolf Boy,” and Lee Jong Suk in “Hot Young Bloods.”

It would not be possible to look back at Park Bo Young’s career without talking about the comedy film “Scandal Makers,” which catapulted Park Bo Young to stardom.

When the interviewer asked, “When you received this script, did you think that it would be successful?” Park Bo Young answered, “At the time, I wasn’t in a position to receive a script. I went on many auditions. I think I auditioned about four times because they kept calling me. It’s the film that allowed me to be where I am today.”

She also commented on Wang Suk Hyun, who appeared as her son in the film and recently appeared on a variety show. Sending him a video message, she said, “I think we should meet up sometime. You seem to be growing up well, so I feel strange.”

The interviewer then moved onto Park Bo Young’s dramas, beginning with “Oh My Ghostess.” On starring in a TV drama after seven years, Park Bo Young stated, “There was a lot of fear because it was something I did when I was young and I had many memories of being scared. I got yelled at a lot and had to do things quickly, but I couldn’t do it well and didn’t have enough time.”

On her kiss scene with Jo Jung Suk, she explained, “It was my first kiss scene, so everyone was really considerate. The director said, ‘Bo Young will feel burdened, so don’t go close to her.’ But after that and for the second kiss scene, all of the staff sat and watched.”

Park Bo Young concluded the interview by describing her upcoming film, “On Your Wedding Day.” This is her second time working with Kim Young Kwang after “Hot Young Bloods.” She said, “When you meet someone, you need time to get close. But we didn’t go through any of that, so there was more time spent discussing the characters.”

She went on to say that her character falls in love in three seconds, while Kim Young Kwang’s character believes that first love is the last love. Park Bo Young said, “I realized this while filming this movie, but I think timing is really important when it comes to love.”

She added, “If I feel [like it’s fate], I’m going to get married. But so far, I’ve never met anyone that made me feel like, ‘This is fate.’ I want to meet [that kind of person].” The actress also talked about genres she wants to take on. “I want to try a melodrama that makes you cry, a hilarious comedy, and also think it’ll be fun to play a killer,” she said.

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