iKON's B.I Talks About What It Was Like Producing

iKON’s B.I is mature beyond his years.

In an interview about iKON’s upcoming mini album “New Kids: Continue,” leader B.I shared how he produces and how he deals with roadblocks while making music.

He explained he goes to the Han River whenever he has too many conflicting thoughts and can’t focus. At first, B.I will just walk while not thinking about anything, before he slowly starts to organize his thoughts one by one, beginning with the basics.

“When things go well, I can create a track all at once, quite easily, without worrying about it too much.” B.I commented. “You have to go with your gut feeling without trying to change too many things.” The idol explained that he had almost strayed while composing iKON’s upcoming title track “Killing Me,” but went back to what he wanted initially wanted to do with it again after going around in circles.

B.I added, “It’s a little different from what iKON has done before. Of course, ‘Love Scenario’ was different too. They’re like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. If ‘Love Scenario’ is Dr. Jekyll, then ‘Killing Me’ would be Mr. Hyde. I think it’s an album that will show yet another side of us.”

B.I concluded by sharing his thoughts on the mini album’s title, “New Kids: Continue,” saying that it represents how iKON will continue on their own path as they are, always have been, without worrying about other people.

iKON will drop “New Kids: Continue” on August 2.

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