Han Hyo Joo Talks About Maturing As Both An Actress And A Person

In a recent interview with Maeil Business, Han Hyo Joo opened up about her growth and maturity as both a person and an actress.

Han Hyoo Joo shared, “As the actress Han Hyo Joo, it feels like I have acted hard, worked hard, and tried my best, but as the human being Han Hyo-joo, I wonder if tried my best. The gap between them made me worry.”

Then she added, “Though I did not have much time entirely on my own, I think I continued to think about it as I had more time as the human being Han Hyo Joo. I’m looking for myself. I’m working hard to find myself, and I hope I can change for the better.”

Han Hyo Joo also said, “I think it’s a time to mature. It’s a time to become stronger. I need to spend [my time] wisely now so that I can become stronger as an actress. I’m embarrassed since I think the human being Han Hyo Joo lacks a lot. I want to become stronger bit by bit since I don’t think I built myself firmly.”

Ever since a few years ago, Han Hyo Joo has been admiring the simple life. She expressed her desire to go a step further in order to become a “deep” person. She stated, “I want to enjoy good things on a deeper level. The things that happen around me and the things that I feel for myself. It could be a family or a friend. I want to have a close relationship with the people I communicate with by looking into their eyes.”

Han Hyo Joo continued, “I am gaining more and more interest in multiple things. When it comes to matters of interest, I want to go deep and think about depth. I also think about how to live happily.”

The actress talked about enjoying small but definite moments of happiness, saying, “10 years later, I hope I can still eat with the people I like now. I hope my precious people are happy. They say life is hard. I want to accept that and live my life searching for the joy in it. ”

Han Hyo Joo recently starred in a new movie titled “Illang: The Wolf Brigade” with Kang Dong Won.

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