VIXX's Leo Talks About What His Debut Solo Album Means To Him + Support From His Group

On July 31, VIXX’s Leo held a showcase for his first solo album “Canvas” at the Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul.

He first shared his nervousness for his solo debut, saying, “For 3 minutes and 30 seconds on stage, there’s nowhere to hide. During that time, everyone is looking at only me. That’s why I had to put my all into preparing for this album.”

However, he said that his group members were very supportive behind the scenes. “Yesterday, in the group chat, I wrote, ‘I’m worried a lot about my solo comeback. But I’m glad I can depend on the name VIXX, so thank you.’ I was being sincere, but the others made me laugh by saying, ‘Take care of your ankle. Take care of your stamina.’ I think that they give me strength when I stand alone onstage.”

He continued, “My album ‘Canvas’ contains everything I wanted to be since I was seventeen years old. I dreamed of debuting as a singer, then as a solo artist, and those dreams came true with this album. It feels strange. In working on this album, I discovered new sides and colors of myself. I realized the ways in which I’ve matured over the years through this album, so it’s precious to me.”

Leo also said that ‘passion’ is the keyword behind his solo debut. “I paid attention every detail from the hand movements in the choreography to the music video angles. I think that nothing is possible without passion. I never wanted to lose my passion. I worked harder for this than even VIXX concerts, because I thought to myself, I needed to practice more than 10 hours in order to be able to hold my own onstage. I must have bothered my dance team a lot [by practicing]. They’d leave work at 4 a.m. and come back to work at 10 a.m. I’m both sorry and grateful to them.”

VIXX’s Leo released the music video for his title track “Touch & Sketch” on July 31.

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