Park Seo Joon Talks About His Views On Acting And Why He Doesn't Take Long Breaks

In an interview with Chosun Ilbo on July 31, “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” star Park Seo Joon talked about playing a narcissist in the drama, as well as his views on acting.

“[Playing Lee Young Joon] was hard because he’s so different from what I’m like in real life,” said Park Seo Joon. “Lee Young Joon is someone that says ‘You’re the best’ to himself in the mirror. I tried really hard to portray a character who’s full of himself, but not unlikable.”

Since his debut in the 2012 drama “Dream High 2,” Park Seo Joon has found a lot of success with romantic comedies, including “A Witch’s Romance,” “She Was Pretty,” and “Fight My Way.” When asked if he wants to do different genres, the actor said, “The ‘acting spectrum’ of an actor that comes from the type of project is just a small part of it. No one knows what kind of range the actor Park Seo Joon has. I think range is, even in the same role, how differently an actor can play the character, and with how much depth.”

Park Seo Joon hasn’t taken much time off since he began his career, but it’s not so much for lack of opportunity as his love of work. He said, “Even if I take just two weeks off, suddenly I’ll think, ‘what am I doing?’ and I’ll suddenly feel like reality hits me in the face. I feel most alive when I’m racking my brains about what to do for a character, or a story.”

True to pattern, Park Seo Joon is heading right back into work in August, with a new action film by director Kim Joo Hwan, with whom he worked for the film “Midnight Runners.”

On why he’s so popular, Park Seo Joon said he isn’t so sure, but that he’s very thankful. “I’m thankful, and I also feel a lot of responsibility. It’s like a weight I must bear. Because these days, there are controversies even about personality. I’m not perfect like Young Joon, but I’m doing my best to become a mature person. I will become an actor that brings others happiness.”

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