SEVENTEEN Reveals Concerns While Preparing For Comeback + Effects Of Bleaching Their Hair

SEVENTEEN shared stories from in between and during promotions on SBS LoveFM’s “Song Eun Yi and Kim Sook‘s Unni’s Radio.”

On August 1, SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups, Jeonghan, Seungkwan, Hoshi, Dokyeom, and Mingyu appeared on the radio program.

DJs Song Eun Yi and Kim Sook greeted the members by congratulating them on their success. They began, “You must be so happy. Please brag [about yourselves].”

S.Coups said, “Last week, we achieved the triple crown. We’re planning to go eat beef together tonight.” When Seungkwan commented, “Our leader S.Coups will probably treat us,” S.Coups replied, “I think I’m going to have to buy it. But, I usually buy meals. Since I’m older, I should buy often.”

The DJs stated that the group probably has many concerns every time they release an album and cheered them on. Mingyu said, “We had about five months of rest. But to us, those five months felt so long, so we paid more attention [to our comeback] this time. We worried a lot thinking, ‘Will the fans like it?’ ‘What do the fans want?’ but the reactions have been good so we’re grateful.”

After listening to the group’s latest track “Oh My!” the DJs said, “SEVENTEEN seems to have an innate sense of rhythm. You guys look really cool when dancing. I think you guys have a lot of joy.”

Seungkwan replied, “Myself included, all of BSS [Seungkwan, Dokyum, and Hoshi] are quite joyful. We briefly promoted together. When I lie in bed, I think, ‘Why did I go so overboard,’ but when I wake up, my energy is high again. When I do broadcasts with seniors, I can see the hard work of those leading [the shows]. Seeing their efforts, I think to myself that I should work hard. The seniors are really great.”

A listener wrote into the radio show to ask, “I’m curious about how many times the SEVENTEEN members bleached their hair.” The DJs said, “Mingyu said he bleached it nine times just during ‘BOOMBOOM.’ How many times did you, Hoshi?”

Hoshi answered, “I bleach my hair a lot too. For this album, my hair was red. This time, I bleached it about three times.” S.Coups added, “I bleached it about four times.”

When Kim Sook asked, “After you bleach your hair four times, do you have a lot of hair breakage when you wake up?” Hoshi replied, “Yes. When I bleach my hair a lot, I can’t feel my roots. It feels numb.”

The members didn’t forget to express their love for their fans, Carats. With a finger heart to the camera, Jeonghan stated, “Thank you for being next to SEVENTEEN for 900 days. I hope you’ll continue to walk with us on a good path.”

SEVENTEEN is currently promoting their latest track “Oh My!” off their fifth mini album “You Make My Day.” Check out photos from their radio appearance below!

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