8 Times BTOB-BLUE Healed Us With Their Singing

BTOB-BLUE has finally made a comeback. After dropping their teaser photos and MV for their single, “When It Rains,” it’s safe to say, it was worth the wait. The best part about BTOB-BLUE is their ability to touch our souls with their flawless singing as well as impeccable harmony. There really is no one quite like these four. Here’s a trip down memory lane as we take a look at eight times they truly healed us with their singing skills.

1. Their a capella version of “A Song for Mama”

There’s something about seeing these boys sing a song for their moms that brings a tear to my eye. Seriously, I’m not crying… you are!

2. This magical performance of them singing the”Goblin” OST, “Beautiful”

Not only is their harmony the best thing ever, but Hyunsik on the piano is life.

Too short, but SO sweet!

3. Their rendition of the classic Lee Ki Chan song, “Cold”

The group appeared on the second season of “Sugarman” to do a different rendition of a classic song. The reaction of the audience members is totally relatable. This performance is so moving and perfect!

4. Changsub’s cover of 40’s song, “Listen to the Letter”

This is from just one of the members, but every time I listen to Changsub sing this song, it gives me goosebumps.

5. This live version of their single, “Stand By Me”

It’s no secret that this single released by BTOB-BLUE is beautiful. It showcases the sub-unit group’s true vocal abilities and still continues to touch our hearts. You can really feel the emotions in this particular live version of the single.

6. Christmas carolling in perfect harmony

Christmas is coming early this year, people. Listening to this is bound to put you in the Christmas mood no matter what time of year it is! It’s crazy how perfectly in sync they are.

7. Even when the singing line raps…

They somehow touch us with so much emotion and passion.

8. Their appearance on “Immortal Songs

They’ve made several appearances on the show, but this performance in particular is mind-blowing. It’s crazy how they’re able to bring out so much emotion in their singing!

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