Watch: MONSTA X Names Their Favorite Lyrics, Which Member They'd Switch Bodies With, And More

MONSTA X took part in an interview with Buzzfeed while playing with adorable puppies!

In the video, the seven members answered fun questions in Korean and English from their fans about themselves and their music. MONSTA X is currently in the United States for their second world tour.

The group began by revealing they want to try rock and jazz in the future. They also said they want to be remembered as powerful, energetic, sexy, cool guys as well as good and respectful senior artists. I.M also added, “Savage” to the list.

On the group’s growth from their first and second world tours, I.M and Kihyun pointed out the members’ improved English skills. Jooheon brought up their musical growth and how they’re attempting new things for their fans.

When asked about their favorite lyrics that they’ve written, I.M chose the rap lyrics in “Shine Forever” and Jooheon picked “Destroyer.” MONSTA X also picked which members they’d want to switch bodies with. After Kihyun picked Shownu for his nice body, Shownu chose Wonho for his six-pack.

Check out the interview below!

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