Watch: BTS’s J-Hope Spotted In Drake’s New MV

BTS’s J-Hope made a brief appearance in Drake’s new music video for his viral hit “In My Feelings”!

On August 3 KST, Drake dropped the music video for “In My Feelings,” one of the tracks from his recent album “Scorpion.” The song sparked a dance craze this summer, with millions of fans, athletes, and celebrities rushing to take on the “In My Feelings” challenge and dance to the now iconic lyrics, “Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding?

One of those celebrities happened to be BTS’s J-Hope, who shared his own “In My Feelings” challenge on July 23.

Drake’s newly released music video ends with a fun montage of various “In My Feelings” dance challenges, and J-Hope was one of the dancers featured!

Check out Drake’s new music video below! J-Hope appears at 7:36 in the video:

You can also check out J-Hope’s full “In My Feelings” dance challenge below!