Girl Group Member Under Fire For Disturbing Residents With Building Construction

Recently, it was revealed that celebrity A, who debuted as a girl group member, and the residents of a neighborhood in Seoul are in conflict.

On August 3, KBS2’s educational program “Good Morning Live” revealed details about celebrity A’s property disturbance.

Celebrity A recently purchased a plot of land located somewhere in Seoul with her mother under the same name and pushed ahead with the construction of a seven-floor building, from the basement floor to the sixth floor. However, the construction of the building has currently been suspended due to a conflict between celebrity A and her mother and the residents neighboring the construction site.

When “Good Morning Live” went to the construction site to investigate, the residents claimed that cracks had begun to appear on the outer walls of their villa adjacent to the construction site. When going to the actual site, the buildings were indeed almost wall-to-wall to each other, indicating a clearly dangerous situation.

The villa and celebrity A’s building are both located on the slope of a hill. The residents stated that the ground was already weak, but with the vibrations stemming from the construction of celebrity A’s new building, the ground started to sink in. After this, they stated that particular spots on the buildings began to split and the ground started to collapse.

When entering the residents homes, the situation was far worse. The building had started to tilt and crack, and there was a problem in their piping system, resulting in water leaks and mold covering various parts of the house. One resident stated, “We can’t leave the house when it rains. Water leaks continuously and the big pots [used to catch the rain] fill up quickly.”

After getting in touch with “Good Morning Live,” celebrity A’s mother stated through a telephone call, “I don’t know who the home owners are, but I don’t think we need to talk about it.” Celebrity A’s agency was also contacted, but a staff stated, “We’re just workers so we don’t know much about it.”

Although there was reports that celebrity A’s mother claimed the construction was done using a vibrationless method of construction, the residents denied this and replied, “During construction, we felt a ton of vibration. We couldn’t watch the TV or even make calls.” When “Good Morning Live” consulted with a specialist about this case, they stated that although they couldn’t confirm anything through just photos, it seemed like the ground had been dug into using hydraulic shovels.

After this became a problem, the residents and celebrity A drew up an agreement based on the results of some inquiries sent to a safety inspection business. The safety inspection business replied, “Despite the residents’ worn out building, the construction nearby caused great problems. The water leakage problem was particularly great, so we asked them to fix the piping first, rather than continue on with the construction of the building.” The business further explained that the monetary compensation resulted to 300 million won (approximately $266,000).

However, the residents have not been able to contact celebrity A’s agency, even after staff from “Good Morning Life” tried to call the agency with them. In regards to this, the residents commented, “We’re not saying not to [construct the building]. We’re saying to properly compensate the neighbors first so it doesn’t cause troubles for them. We didn’t draw up the agreement like that.”

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