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iKON recently spoke about the success of their past song “Love Scenario” and the impact of the words “killing me” that eventually influenced the title of their new song.

On August 2, iKON sat down for an interview ahead of the release of their new mini album “New Kids: Continue.”

The group first talked about their hit track “Love Scenario.” After maintaining their No. 1 spot on the real-time music charts for 43 days, iKON’s achievements did not stop there as the song began to gain further attention from kindergarten and elementary students in April.

Previously, iKON’s leader B.I had commented on this phenomena, but he stated again, “Apparently, the melody to ‘Love Scenario’ is similar to children’s songs. I wrote this song while having fun, so I think that itself included a childlike innocence to it. I worked on the song with a childlike mind, so I think young children were able to connect with that.”

Jinhwan commented, “I was contacted a lot by people who haven’t contacted me in years. I opened up our conversation, happy to see them again, and they’d send me videos of their younger siblings or cousins singing ‘Love Scenario.'” He continued, “I have a lot of friends I’ve reconnected with after years due to ‘Love Scenario.’ Because many people around me talked about it, I was able to really feel its popularity.”

The members were then asked if there were any changes after the popularity of “Love Scenario.”

Chanwoo revealed, “People asked if the company began to treat us any different. There wasn’t much of that, but because we became so busy, we started to ride three cars instead of two.”

Bobby replied, “My father started to play golf, so I bought him a lot of golf gear. He seems like he’s having fun, so as a son, I’m pleased.”

Yunhyeong added, “Following the success of ‘Love Scenario,’ I ate a meal with Yang Hyun Suk for the first time. He bought me something really tasty.”

The conversation then turned to one of their new track “Killing Me.” The interviewer commented that although most singers release intense songs for their summer comebacks, iKON released a softer sounding song.

B.I commented, “It has a lonely and solitary feeling, but rather than saying it’s dark, the beat itself is exciting, and it’s an cheerful song. I didn’t write the song thinking about the season, so I don’t dwell much on that. The lyrics talk of a breakup, but I was influenced a lot by the words ‘killing me.’ Those words are heavy, but people use it so lightly and often. We used it as the title for emphasis, so when people listen to it, they can relate, understand, and apply it more easily.”

B.I. in turn shared his thoughts of the title and said, “While practicing the choreography to the song, I said ‘I’m so tired I’ll die.’ When I thought about what I had just said, I realized many people say ‘I’ll die’ lightly and very often, so I was able to use that as inspiration as well.”

With “Killing Me,” the members of iKON also showed off a choreography with a high level of difficulty.

B.I commented, “From the choreographies that iKON have had to dance to, I think ‘Killing Me’ is the sharpest one. We worked hard for the choreography. Yang Hyun Suk told us, ‘You have to work hard for this concept.’ So through hard work, we’re trying to dance in unison as sharp as a knife.”

Donghyeok stated, “When the members first heard the song, we all decided that we’d have to first create a dance performance that matches the song and captures people’s attention with the intense point moves. We thought hard about it, and the difficulty of the dance just came as we naturally created the choreography.”

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