Watch: Red Velvet Hype Themselves (And Each Other) Up For

Red Velvet is gearing up for their latest appearance on “Ask Us Anything!”

In a behind-the-scenes video shared by JTBC, Joy takes the helm and videotapes pre-show interviews with her other members. She begins by saying, “I think there’s good chemistry between Red Velvet and ‘Ask Us Anything'” and jokes, “We were prettier on our second appearance than our first, and we’ll be prettier on our third appearance, right?”

She then interviews Yeri, who appears flustered by her questions. Next is Seulgi, who pretends to be studying her script when Joy comes by with the camera. At Joy’s prompting, she talks about their upcoming comeback song, “Power Up,” describing it as an anthem that will give people strength. She also says that to prepare for ‘Ask Us Anything,’ she tightened her school uniform, and almost gives a spoiler of their song before it’s edited out.

Irene, more camera-shy than Seulgi, says that she is depending on Joy to lead them during the broadcast and thinks she will be the funniest of the group. Joy responds by saying, “Now I have a lot on my shoulders.”

Last but not least is a hyperactive Wendy, who gives rapid-fire answers to Joy’s questions and picks herself as the member to watch on the show. Although she is immediately embarrassed afterward, Irene and Seulgi back her up.

Red Velvet’s episode of “Ask Us Anything” will air on August 4.

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