Nara Discusses What Hello Venus Means To Her, Romantic Scenes In Dramas, And Her Dating Style

Hello Venus’s Nara recently took part in a photo shoot with international bnt, where she posed elegantly, pulling off a diverse array of outfits among various shades and tones of blue, yellow, and pink.

In the accompanying interview, she talked about her dating style, the importance of Hello Venus, and working in “Suspicious Partner” as well as her latest drama “Your Honor.”

She first talked about what she’s like in a relationship. Nara described, “I’m the type to be pretty honest. I don’t play hard to get.” However, she added that she didn’t want to date publicly, saying, “The interest would be too much pressure, and I think there would be parts that would be difficult for both parties. I also think that it’s not respectful to make it public without asking for the other person’s opinion.”

Nara also expressed affection for her group Hello Venus during the interview, saying, “Their existence is like that of my puppy Ho Du. If they’re not there, it feels empty. Just having them around makes me feel reassured.”

She was also asked if there was any jealousy in the group, as she was the member with the most activities. Nara answered, “Rather than being jealous, they encourage me. Since we didn’t get a lot of attention since the beginning of our debut, we got even closer as we slowly built our careers step at a time.” She added, “The members watch all of the programs that I am in. They send me pictures of me in dramas, and comment on my expressions. I’m really thankful.”

Nara then talked about appearing in “Suspicious Partner” and how it was a precious drama to her. She explained, “I’m still close with the actors [from ‘Suspicious Partner’].”

The idol also shared that she had even promised Ji Chang Wook, who is currently serving in the military, that she would visit him. She continued, “At the time, I was asked frequently who my ideal type was, between Ji Chang Wook and Choi Tae Joon. Though the two of them have a similar image, it’s Ji Chang Wook.”

Currently appearing in “Your Honor” as an announcer, Nara shared that she had received intense training from an actual announcer to prepare for the role. On the romantic scenes in the drama, she laughed and commented, “There are parts where I have to lead, so it was a bit hard. In romantic scenes for ‘Suspicious Partner,’ I was usually the one being led so it was a bit more comfortable.”

Nara was also asked how she stayed in shape, to which she responded, “I work out really hard.” She added, “Nowadays, I really like drinking soju while watching a movie with my siblings. Since we talk while drinking, it’s great. Wine is good too, but soju is even better. That’s why I’m working out even more.”

When asked if she wanted to go into other fields, aside from singing and acting, she answered, “I want to try being an emcee. I think I’m a bit lacking right now, so I’m watching a lot of variety shows.”

Nara stated her goals as an actress, and shared, “Before I become a good actress, I want to become a good person. As an actress, I want to become an actress who has a good gaze, an actress who can express many things with her eyes.” When asked if there was a title that she wanted to earn this year, she answered, “Venus-like Hello Venus. It’s been six years since our debut, and I’ve grown a lot internally. I want to be associated with the phrase, ‘Venus-like Hello Venus’ that displays true beauty.”

If you haven’t already, watch the latest episode of “Your Honor” below!

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