MASC's Chibin Takes Legal Action Against ACE + Provides Additional Information To Assault Incident

After initial reports of MASC’s Chibin and ACE being involved in an assault incident, along with their individual accounts, Chibin has given an update to the legal action taken against ACE.

On August 4, Chibin posted a photo of the paperwork and a screen capture of the assault incident’s location on his Instagram.

He wrote in the caption, “Charges of the perpetrator’s one-sided assault have been accepted, so currently the prosecution’s ruling is under way. After verifying the allegations posted on the offender’s SNS, the detective who investigated the perpetrator didn’t make any clear comment on his defense, saying things like ‘The perpetrator should receive settlement money, this is really obvious.’ Instead, what’s more certain is that it was a one-sided assault.

“Also, another thing is that at the location where I suffered my assault injuries, a hill near a CU convenience store on Bongeunsa Avenue, 49 Road, Gangnam, Seoul, there are indeed countless walls on the hill. At the time, there weren’t many streetlights turned on late at night, so I wasn’t sure, but I remember through this attached photo that this was the very wall. It’s also true that he threatened me, slammed his umbrella against the wall, and then hit me two or three times.

“I would like to inform you that even until now it is not true that the perpetrator has given me any money for medical expenses. The perpetrator and I were forcibly taken apart after I had received injuries to my head and face. It’s also true that he shoved away the people who were holding me and gave a few kicks afterwards as well. The perpetrator also claimed that I had suddenly sprung at him while cursing, but that’s hard to imagine since we had an imbalanced relationship. It’s not true.

“I told him not to approach me, but he did it again using violent words and insults, and used his umbrella in the blink of an eye to strike me. It was after that the members tried to break up the fight.

“I came to talk about this again after the people who encouraged me, following the incident’s rise to the surface, were curious about what was going on. Thank you!”

On July 30, MASC’s 26 also opened up about the incident and announced his departure from the group.

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