Watch: Girls' Generation Celebrates 11th Anniversary With Sweet Video Message To Fans

Girls’ Generation commemorated the 11th anniversary of their debut with a special video for their fans!

On August 5, SMTOWN’s official YouTube channel posted a video featuring Girls’ Generation members Yuri, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Taeyeon, and YoonA.

Yuri began by saying, “It’s already the 11th anniversary of Girls’ Generation and SONE [Girls’ Generation’s official fan club name].” Sunny continued, “SONE has worked hard while spending a long time together with Girls’ Generation, and I think you’ve made good memories too, so congratulations! Also, it’s thanks to SONE that Girls’ Generation was able to celebrate this meaningful 11th anniversary, so I’m really, really happy. Thank you.”

Yuri added, “These days, when I receive really touching letters that say things like, ‘Unni, I was an elementary school student [when I became a fan], but I just got a job,’ I’m filled with emotion.” Sunny replied, “When junior artists say, ‘Unni, I dreamt [of becoming a singer] while watching you and Girls’ Generation, I feel both grateful and burdened.”

Yuri concluded, “SONE! I sincerely congratulate you on our 11th anniversary and sincerely congratulate the members as well. Also, thank you to the staff who always help us by our side.” She then promised their fans, “We’ll continue to promote more and will remain by your side.” Sunny added, “It’s a generation where the lifespan is 100 years, so let’s last for a long time.”

The video then showed Hyoyeon, Taeyeon, and YoonA thanking their fans. Taeyeon said, “This year, in 2018, our Girls’ Generation is celebrating our 11th anniversary. We’re 11 years old!”

Hyoyeon added, “It feels like our 10th anniversary was yesterday,” and YoonA said, “It means that it’s already been one year since we released ‘All Night‘ and ‘Holiday.'”

Taeyeon spoke about the group’s precious relationship with their fans and said that she was looking forward to what was in store for the future. Hyoyeon congratulated their fans and remarked, “11 years is a really long time. The fact that we’ve been together for such a long time means a lot, and I can’t not love you.”

YoonA added, “When it was our 10th anniversary, it felt unbelievable, but our 11th anniversary feels even more unbelievable. I feel like time is flying by even faster [than before], and it makes me wonder how time is going by so fast. But I hope SONE and Girls’ Generation can continue to spend great times together like this for a long time.”

Taeyeon continued, “We have always showed you many new things through our new albums, new projects, solo promotions, and more, so I hope that you’ll continue to look forward to seeing new sides of Girls’ Generation in the future.”

The members also expressed concern about their fans’ health, warning them to be careful in the summer heat. “I hope you’ll always gain strength from listening to our songs and from watching us,” said Taeyeon. “I hope we can continue to move forward together in the future. Let’s be together for a long time.”

SONEs also celebrated by making the hashtag “GG4EVA” the No. 2 worldwide trending topic on Twitter.

Congratulations to Girls’ Generation and SONE!

Check out the full video message below:

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