Girls’ Generation Celebrates 11 Years Together By Sharing Warm Memories And Heartfelt Messages

All eight members of Girls’ Generation took to their personal social media accounts to celebrate their 11th anniversary!


Along with her sweet post from the day before, Taeyeon also posted an Instagram story of her singing Girls’ Generation’s “Sailing (0805)” with the lyrics, “Through the seasons that have passed, are our memories etched in between, and of those memories, I bring up the one from the day I first saw you. Stay together sailing to the night. For you, who made the deep darkness of the sea turn pink.”


Yuri shared several photos from Girls’ Generation’s time together with the caption, “Girls’ Generation and SONE, happy 11th anniversary. Will stay together for a long time.”

She shared more photos and wrote, “Additional gifts to celebrate the 11th anniversary. #GG4EVA #CollectYourPhotos”


Hyoyeon also posted photos to her account and wrote, “Happy 11th anniversary, Girls’ Generation. SONE, thank you so much for always being with us, and let’s keep going together in the future.”

She shared additional selfies she had taken with some of the other members with captions like, “Our members, who are so lovely,” and “Girls’ Generation.”

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Sooyoung posted clips from her solo fan meeting events this year with the caption, “SONE, happy birthday.” At the end of the clip was included a handwritten message that read, “In 2018, I was able to meet you all through ‘Sooyoung’s photo studio” and my Thailand fan meeting, and that has made this a very special year. They were precious memories and each and every one is still so clear in my mind. I hope we will have many more opportunities to meet in the future. We’ve been together for 11 years, let’s go for 111 years. I love you, SONE.”

On her Instagram story, Sooyoung also shared a screenshot of her playing Girls’ Generation’s Sailing (0805).


YoonA also shared photos of the members having fun together with the caption, “Girls’ Generation’s 11th anniversary. Congratulations, Girls’ Generation and SONE. Thank you and I love you.”


Seohyun shared a video clip of Girls’ Generation performing together with the caption, “Happy 11th anniversary, Girls’ Generation! Though we may be far apart at times, as long as we are of one heart and dream the same dream, no matter how much time has passed, even if you and I have changed a little, I want to be able to dream together with you. With you, who has become my wish and my faith. No matter how much time has passed, I want to dream with you forever. Thank you and I love you, always.” Seohyun incorporated lyrics from Girls’ Generation’s “Forever” to express her feelings for SONE.


Sunny shared sweet photos of Girls’ Generation’s time together and wrote the caption, “To our loving Girls’ Geneartion and SONE, it’s been 11 years since we first met! Congratulations, congratulations! There have been many things I have been grateful for and sorry for these past 11 years, let’s work together to create happier days in the future! I’m always grateful to you, and I’m so proud and full of love for our Girls’ Generation and our SONEs.”


Tiffany celebrated the anniversary by sharing many photos through her Instagram story, sharing selfies, video clips, and other images taken mainly in 2017 during the group’s 10th anniversary. Check out screenshots of some of the moments Tiffany shared below!

Tiffany also celebrated the anniversary through her Twitter account.

Happy 11th anniversary, Girls’ Generation!

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