2AM's Jo Kwon Enlists In The Military

Jo Kwon is the next 2AM member to enlist in the military.

On August 6, he was accompanied by friends as he quietly entered the recruit training center. He will receive basic training for five weeks and then continue as an active duty soldier.

Ahead of his enlistment, he shared a video of his haircut and photos with friends including fellow member Jeong Jinwoon.

He also revealed photos of the letter he read to fans at a recent fan meeting.

He wrote, “Chapter three of my life officially begins now. My teens, 20s, and now my 30s, it’s extremely heart-fluttering and exciting more than ever. I plan on doing big things in my 30s! But not too big. I think it’s time to really show who Jo Kwon is. Fans from abroad were very sad and must have waited because I couldn’t go, but after I return from the military, I will go until you get sick of me, so please wait.”

Jo Kwon continued, “2AM who made me who I am today, and our fans who allowed for 2AM’s existence, I sincerely love you and thank you. Because I have all of you who are like a calm ocean that isn’t too big or too small and isn’t too strong or too weak, I am here without retiring haha. Let’s now show the greatness of the calm ocean!”

“What I always say to my family, friends, and everyone whom I love, keep going. I love you,” he concluded.

In addition to Sunye and other close friends, 2AM’s Changmin also wished him well with a cute emoticon of them and the caption, “Come back safely~”

Jo Kwon is set to be discharged from the military on March 24, 2020. Jeong Jinwoon is the only 2AM member left to enlist, as Changmin served before debuting and Im Seulong was transferred to reservist duty due to a rare disorder in April of this year.

Wishing Jo Kwon a safe service!

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