Kim Jun Han, Hwang Seung Eon, And More Enrage Viewers In “Time”

There are five characters enraging viewers in the MBC drama “Time”!

“Time” is about Cheon Soo Ho (Kim Jung Hyun), the director and heir to W Group, who finds out that he doesn’t have much time left to live. He uses the rest of his days to help Seol Ji Hyun (Seohyun) because he may be responsible for her sister’s death.

During the drama, the characters of Kim Jun Han, Hwang Seung Eon, Kim Jung Tae, Kim Hee Jung, and Seo Hyun Woo create a great tension that has viewers on the edge of their seats. The ways in which these characters carry out their villainous roles have been analyzed.

1. Shin Min Seok (Kim Jun Han)

In the drama, Shin Min Seok is Ji Hyun’s long-time boyfriend and a lawyer for W Group. He submits to the chaebol‘s idea that money can fix anything, and eventually begins to clean up after the chaebol. As he does this, he is given the job of concealing the death of a woman who died in Soo Ho’s hotel room, and discovers that the woman is Ji Hyun’s little sister, along with the fact that her killer is not Soo Ho, but in fact his fiancée Chae Ah (Hwang Seung Un). However, Min Seok hides this truth and even tampers with the evidence. He tells Ji Hyun, who is trying to discover the truth behind her sister’s death, that her sister had died by suicide.

During episodes five and six, he also tells Ji Hyun, who he hasn’t seen in a long time, “Let’s just break up right now. For each other.” Shortly after, Ji Hyun’s mother Hee Sook (Kim Hee Jung) gets in a car accident. Viewers flew into rage at this, but are also looking forward to seeing Min Seok in the coming course of events.

2. Eun Cha Ah (Hwang Seung Eon)

Chae Ah, the only daughter of Taeyang Group, is Soo Ho’s fiancée. She had gone to the hotel that night on Soo Ho’s request, and killed Ji Hyun’s little sister. She tells Min Seok that she is a suspect and hides her crimes by throwing the security tapes that Min Seok had handed to her into the river.

After Soo Hoo is pressured by Soo Ho’s brother, Soo Chul (Seo Hyun Woo) due to her actions, she blackmails Soo Chul with the information she has, making it seem like she is helping Soo Ho, but in reality, she is trying to selfishly conceal the truth.

Buried under the feelings of guilt, Soo Ho tells Chae Ah, “I might’ve killed someone,” and she shamelessly tells him that they will push ahead with their marriage, even though she had previously rejected it. Viewers who watched this were furious, but also curious to see what path Chae Ah will take in the future.

3. Geum Tae (Kim Jung Tae)

Geum Tae, who had once been the lover of Ji Hyun’s mother, Hee Sook, showed off his villainous character from the first episode when he entered Ji Hyun’s home and stole money from her piggy bank. He threatened Ji Hyun’s family with a knife, telling them to pay back their debt to him, regardless of if Hee Sook had once been his lover or not.

When he learns of the fact that Soo Ho, who helps pay back Ji Hyun’s debt, might have had a hand in the death of Ji Hyun’s little sister, he gets his hands on the security tapes during the scene of the crime. However, he doesn’t tell Ji Hyun about this and instead uses Min Seok to blackmail 1 billion won (approximately $890,000) each from Chae Ah and Soo Ho.

However, when General Manager Kang (Ha Jung Do), who tries provide a reason for the incident, makes a deal with Min Seok, Geum Tae is betrayed. Through Min Seok and Kang Shil Jang’s collusion, he gets into a car accident, and viewers wonder what will happen to him when he is trapped in the car engulfed in flames.

4. Hee Sook (Kim Hee Jung)

After her husband dies of an illness, Hee Sook blows off her husband’s entire fortune on property ventures and stock purchases, proving her title of “child head-of-the-household.” While her daughters take time off school and work part-time jobs to earn money for their tuition and life-expenses, Hee Sook just increases their debt.

Hee Sook also uses up all of the money that Soo Ho gives to Ji Hyun, and after admitting that she can’t pay it back, she leaves her two daughters by themselves, showing off her image as an immature mother.

However, when she learns of her daughter’s death while she is facing imprisonment for fraud, she confronts Geum Tae, who she is terrified of, to uncover the truth, and surprisingly shows her motherly instincts.

5. Soo Chul (Seo Hyun Woo)

Soo Chul is the son W Group’s president and waits for the day he can ruin Soo Ho’s life, with the belief that if it weren’t for Soo Ho, he could have inherited the company. After hearing from manager Nam that the household’s resident troublemaker, Soo Ho, had been complicit in the murder incident, Soo Chul holds a press conference to spread this news to the media.

However, through Chae Ah, who goes to the press conference to help Soo Ho, the secret that Soo Chul had taken money from the company to set up a secret fund, and with a borrowed name, gathered company shares, is revealed. Soo Chul threatens Chae Ah, telling her that they can go down together, but is eventually punched by Soo Ho at the press conference and gets severely reprimanded by Chairman Chun. Even amidst all of this, Soo Chul looks at Soo Ho with hate in his eyes, making viewers wonder what types of trouble he will get Soo Ho into next time.

The production staff said, “The five actors are taking in these characters perfectly, enough to receive the hate of viewers as skilled actors. Because of these characters, the drama is overflowing with tension. Please look forward to how these actors will increase the tension of the show.”

In response to these five characters, netizens responded, “Whenever I see [them] angers starts to heat up inside me,” and called them “the scene stealers.”

“Time” airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10 p.m. KST.

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