Update: A.C.E And UNB Member Chan Involved In Car Accident, Agency Shares Update On Condition

Updated August 8 KST:

Beat Interactive has issued a statement about A.C.E and UNB member Chan’s schedule following the minor car accident.

In the statement, the agency describes that for the “A.C.E Land in Japan” tour on August 9 and 11, Chan will only be taking part in vocal performances. He will not be participating in performances that involve dancing. The special event after the concert will also be held with only the other four members, as Chan will be sitting it out.

Beat Interactive apologized to fans and promised to do their best for Chan’s recovery.

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Updated August 7 KST:

A.C.E’s agency has shared an updated on Chan’s condition after he was in a minor car accident on August 6.

In the statement released on August 7, Beat Interactive explained that a car in the next lane had collided slightly with the side of the vehicle Chan was traveling in. Chan had been sitting in the front passenger seat, and hit his knee and forehead on the glove compartment and rear-view mirror respectively. Although he did not have major injuries, he’d been taken to the hospital for an examination just in case.

Beat Interactive wrote, “The doctors have determined through a thorough examination (X-ray and CT) that there is nothing wrong. He is currently resting at the dorm after being discharged from the hospital, as was the recommendation from the hospital.”

The agency stated they will share an update on his upcoming schedule after monitoring his condition.

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Updated August 6 KST:

A.C.E’s agency has released the following statement about Chan via the group’s fan cafe following the car accident:

“This is Beat Interactive.

“On August 6, 2018 at around 3 p.m., there was a car accident while A.C.E member Chan was on his way back to Seoul after a personal activity.

“It is not a large injury, but Chan is currently at the hospital in order to receive an examination for a more detailed understanding of his condition.

“One to two days after being admitted to the hospital, following the monitoring of his progression, his future schedule will be determined.

“The uploading of contents and V Live that were planned for today will be postponed, and we inform you that it may be difficult for Chan to take part in the ‘A.C.E Land in Japan’ tour on August 9 and 11, depending on the results of his examination.

“We apologize to the fans for causing concern.

“We will quickly let fans know the results of his examination once they come out.”

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Original Article:

A.C.E and UNB member Chan is at the hospital after a car accident.

According to an industry representative, Chan was on his way back to Seoul after fulfilling an individual schedule when the vehicle he was in got involved in a three-car rear-end collision on August 6 at about 3 p.m. KST.

Chan injured his forehead and was quickly taken to the emergency room of Severance Hospital at Yonsei University.

He was originally scheduled to leave with A.C.E to Japan on August 7 for an interview and concerts on August 9 and 11.

A source from Chan’s agency commented, “Chan’s schedules have been canceled for now.”

His participation in A.C.E’s Tokyo and Osaka concerts will be determined after the exact diagnosis is revealed.

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