iKON On B.I As A Leader And Songwriter:

In a recent interview with Busan.com, iKON talked about their latest comeback with “Killing Me” and what it’s like working with B.I, who’s not only a friend and member of the group, but their leader and a talented songwriter with main credits to many of iKON’s hits, including “Killing Me.”

Often listed next to B.I on song credits is Bobby, who, with B.I, has cultivated his songwriting talent from early on. For their latest mini album “New Kids: Continue,” however, Bobby was unable to participate in the writing of the title and sub-title tracks.

Asked if he was sad about not being able to join B.I for those songs, Bobby said, “As a member of the team, I respect and support what our leader says. Within a team, you can’t have a big ego. You have to put that kind of pride aside to see good results. I don’t feel sad or anything because I didn’t write lyrics on a song.”

The iKON members said that generally, they defer to what B.I says and follow his lead.

Yunhyeong said, “What B.I makes is usually pretty perfect, so as long as it’s not weird, we follow along.” Jinhwan said he does occasionally offer up ideas, but “whether or not those are accepted is up to the original writer (B.I). He’s always a perfectionist when recording or practicing choreography, so he can be a little scary sometimes.”

B.I said it’s out of necessity. “If I [give feedback] jokingly, the quality drops.”

But at the heart of everything is the desire to just have fun, said B.I. “We always try to uphold a young and free image. We’re all children, and we want to stay that way.”

When preparing for a comeback, B.I said, “We always make an effort to not feel pressured. For this album, we don’t want much; we just want things to be the way they always were, because nothing’s forever.” He added, “Rather than the results, we think it’s enough if we had fun making the album.”

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