BTOB’s Eunkwang Pens Sweet Message To Fans After News Of His Upcoming Enlistment

BTOB’s Eunkwang personally wrote to his fans after the announcement of his upcoming military enlistment.

On August 6, Cube Entertainment revealed that the idol will be enlisting on August 21 as an active duty soldier.

Eunkwang later took to his Instagram, and expressed, “Hello my people. You all were very surprised, right? ‘pat pat’ I have come to fulfill my military duty of protecting our country after being called upon!

“I realized, ‘I really have received a lot of love. I did live my life to the fullest in my own way,’ while seeing the many people who contacted me and all of our Melodies [BTOB fans]’s messages and comments. I am that much more apologetic and my regrets keep piling. I will return in good health and keep the rest of the promises I made with our Melodies.

“I will live life to the fullest without any regrets for when we will meet during the two weeks I have left before going. Please look forward to it!

“Our Melodies, I thank you always, thank you again, and love you very much! I have a lot to say, but will do that a little later. Sleep tight! Kwang-night”

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안녕 내 사람들 다들 많이 놀랐죠? 토닥토닥 나라의 부름을 받아 우리나라를 지키는 국방의 의무를 다 하러 가게되었네요! 많은 연락들과 우리멜로디들의 메세지와 글들을 보면서 '참 많은 사랑 받고있구나, 그래도 나름 참 열심히 살았구나' 라고 느꼈어요.그 만큼 더 미안하고 아쉬운 마음이 커지네요. 멜로디와 못다한 약속들은 건강히 돌아와서 꼭 지킬게요^^ 앞으로 남은 2주동안 우리 만날 날들을 위해 정말 후회없이 열심히 살고 갈거에요! 기대해요! 항상 감사드리고 또 감사드려요 그리고 많이 사랑합니다 우리 멜로디!!? 할 말이 많지만 그건 좀 나중에^^ㅋㅋㅋ히릿 그럼 잘자요! 광나잇?

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You will be very missed Eunkwang!

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