Yewon Discusses Her Acting Experience In “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim”

In a recent interview with media outlet My Daily, Yewon opened up about acting in the hit tvN drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.”

In the drama, Yewon played the clumsy secretary Seol Ma Eum who works for Park Yoo Sik (Kang Ki Young). The idol-turned-actress said, “I didn’t even think [the drama] would be so successful. I’m happy it went well. I can also feel the viewers’ interests. When I go somewhere, they see me as ‘Secretary Seol’ instead of Yewon. Until now, people responded, ‘Yewon acts?’ but now, they go, ‘It’s Secretary Seol!’. It feels like I’m living as Secretary Seol. I’m just happy they remember me.”

Yewon talked about the similarities with her drama character. She said, “We’re very alike. We always smile and are very clumsy and forgetful. People sometimes laugh at my mistakes. I’m not the very sharp type.”

She mentioned the difference in reactions to her character, saying, “I felt that the responses from early into the drama to later on were getting different. At first, since Secretary Seol makes a lot of mistakes, people were like ‘Why does she always create trouble at work?’ but after a series of mistakes, they became curious and went, ‘What kind of mistakes will she make today?'”

Yewon also talked about the friendly atmosphere on set with the other cast members, such as Hwang Bo Ra, Park Seo Joon, and Park Min Young. She commented, “There was non-stop laughter on set, as if we were on vacation. We had a lot of team dinners, so we can’t help but be happy when we see each other on set.” Then she added, “I wasn’t even part of the vice president office, but the director purposely sent me there. He wanted me to go and play. That’s why he let me join the membership training (MT) scene.”

When asked about there being no romance between Seol Ma Eum and her boss Park Yoo Sik, Yewon admitted, “It was a bit regretful. I looked forward to a love line with him, but he has his ex-wife [Seo Hyo Rim]. I couldn’t dare to. Actually, I did purposely try to express it as a love line. For example, I would glance at him as I left the office. The producing director (PD) was satisfied with it and told me to keep looking at him with longing. However, I was just happy that I played the decisive role to connect [Park Yoo Sik and his ex-wife].”

In addition, Yewon praised Kang Ki Young, saying, “He’s an actor who still has more things to show. I anticipate it as well, so I want to keep watching him. The reason why Secretary Seol still looked lovable even though she made many mistakes was because of the good teamwork with Park Yoo Sik. Kang Ki Young was very nice to me, and thanks to him, I was able to do well.”

Yewon shared what the drama meant to her. She said, “‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’ helped me gain courage. My self-confidence was low, but [the drama] raised it, and it is a grateful drama where it makes me want to be more enthusiastic in my next production.”

Then Yewon revealed her future plans, saying, “It’s not like I lost my will to be a singer, but I want to concentrate on acting for a while. If I have the chance, I’d also like to keep doing musicals. So someday, I want to be an actor who can be approached in a friendly and comfortable way. As an entertainer, mysteriousness or seriousness may be important, but I want to take the sides I have and hear people say, ‘She’s really good.'”

It’s not too late to watch “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.” Start watching the first episode below:

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