Ghosts, Hospitals, And Date Mishaps: 12 Hilarious Pranks That Idols Fell Victim To

Aside from the packed schedules and extensive training, idols usually take part in side activities to blow off steam. Sometimes, their time off comes at a price when they find themselves as the main characters of a hilarious prank, often pulled by their fellow band members, idol friends, or their staff either on variety or reality shows.

Although they’re caught off guard at first, these easy-going celebrities embrace the joke and soon join in on the fun. Here are 12 hilarious pranks that idols fell victim to!

1. The card game prank – Super Junior’s Eunhyuk

After a heated set of the Korean card game “Go-Stop,” Eunhyuk realized that there were missing cards, which made him wonder where they got the set from. Donghae made use of the moment to make his scaredy friend believe that he found the card game at his home and that he thinks the house is haunted.

2. The water prank – EXO’s Suho

While Suho was busy delivering the ending comments, the remaining EXO members planned a scheme where they would throw water on their leader once he bowed to bid their fans farewell. The outcome was pretty entertaining, and it soon turned into a refreshing water fight on stage.

3. The vinegar prank – INFINITE

It seems like Sungyeol’s silly jokes have no limits. In order to prank his fellow members, he injected vinegar in bananas and added some of it to a soda bottle as well. Needless to say, the members’ reactions were priceless, and at some point, Sungyeol ended up being a victim of his own mischief.

4. The ultimatum prank – BTS’s RM

RM found himself in a sticky situation when Bang Shi Hyuk scolded him for not properly keeping an eye on his members, even questioning his ulterior motives as both an idol and a leader. Later, Bang PD asked the disheartened artist whether he wanted to give up on the group altogether and kickstart his solo career instead. Despite being pressured, RM’s immediate response impressed both his fellow members and the audience.

5. The ghost prank – GOT7

Ghost pranks are always a delight! The GOT7 members collectively fell for a ghost prank set by their management team after being put on a fake mission to design their own DVD cover. The boys’ amusing reactions widely varied, from Yugyeom, who wasn’t fazed one bit, to BamBam who ran for his life.

6. The date mishap prank – EXID’s Hani

Watching Hani’s live reactions always give us life. The idol was initially guiding a newly-met pair to take a couple photo, only to be surprised by the man dropping his wig. Her response to the situation was both funny and heartwarming, as she swiftly helped the man save face while shielding him from his date. Still, we couldn’t help but enjoy her facial expressions that changed accordingly by the minute.

7. The abalone prank – SEVENTEEN’s Minghao

While on their way to do some grocery shopping, Minghao was led to believe by Jeonghan that the area where they were touring accepted abalones as payment. The innocent idol actually went through with it as he attempted to pay for bread with the abalones he had on him, leading his members to burst into laughter. Minghao is indeed pure!

8. The blood donation prank – f(x)’s Amber

Eric Nam and Amber’s bond is often put on display, and their friendship was put to the test when Eric had to abruptly cancel his interview to rush to the hospital because a friend got into an accident. Upon mentioning that the blood type B was needed, altruistic Amber instantly offered to help. Shortly after, Eric exposed the prank as he played a song where “Insufficient, blood is insufficient” could be heard, leaving Amber in disbelief.

9. The pee prank – SHINee’s Key

Key suddenly found himself in a dire situation when 2AM’s Jinwoon told him that he had to relieve himself in the dressing room because he couldn’t hold it any longer, and that he would need him to keep a lookout for anyone who might come in. Albeit uncomfortable, the idol even helped clean up his friend’s mess later on. When it was finally revealed that he was being pranked, Key momentarily got flustered before he ultimately laughed it off.

10. The blindfold prank – MONSTA X’s Jooheon

As part of their punishment, four MONSTA X members were under the impression that they were being taken to a horror house. Granted, Jooheon’s interaction with the set-up was the most enjoyable, as his scaredy cat persona made an appearance, much to his members’ delight. (Starting 43:14)

11. The salt prank – Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, Tiffany, Taeyeon, and Hyoyeon

This food prank has been around for a while, but its end result is always satisfying to watch! YoonA and Jessica were in charge of making food for their fellow members, so they decided to over-salt the taste. The girls didn’t know what hit them when they took the first bite, with the younger ones trying their best not to offend their unnies by chewing on the salty food. Surprisingly, Sunny didn’t seem to be affected by the strong taste at all.

12. The doodle prank – TWICE’s Dahyun, Momo, Jihyo, Chaeyoung, Tzuyu, and Sana

Talk about a total makeover! Jeongyeon, Mina, and Nayeon pulled quite an artistic joke on the rest of TWICE when they doodled on the members’ faces while they were still asleep. The girls’ reactions hilariously differed, as some of them cutely protested while others simply gave up and embraced their new look.

Which prank did you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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