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It’s that time of the year again, and you’ve already started the countdown. Whether you’re dreading the end of free, sunny days or happily looking forward to seeing your friends, your first week back at school usually plays out the same way — the new outfits, loud classmates, energetic teachers, basic cafeteria food, and a mountain of homework and textbooks. It’s funny how going back to school feels so fresh and old at the same time. Even if you’re busy assembling your new look for the first day or done with school, read on to feel that nostalgic first-week experience again.

It all begins with summer break…

Summer is freedom.

You don’t even know what date or day of the week it is.


You’ve mastered important life skills over the summer.


Staying up late to stream live K-pop performances and binge-watch K-dramas

You rarely stay up late for your favorite idols and K-dramas on school nights, but now that there isn’t school, you take streaming parties to extreme levels. At this point, you’ve already watched all your faves perform their new summer hits live on every music show and the latest episodes of four different K-dramas.

You only call your friends when something urgent comes up or you’re bored. It’s no wonder they’re starting to question your priorities.


You feel as confident as you look cute on the first day of school…


until you walk into your first class and notice that you don’t have any friends in this class. Awkward.


When you make a new friend and forget his/her/their name 10 minutes later

Hey, at least you tried.


Struggling through endless boring icebreakers, syllabi, new textbooks, and classroom procedures

What did the teacher just say? It probably won’t matter because “it’s on the syllabus. EVERYTHING is on the syllabus.” So you just nod like you understand and wish it’s lunchtime.


When your brain is still on vacation

Finally seeing your crush for the first time in months…

only to realize that you’re still invisible.


When you’re already so done with the first day back at school but your friends aren’t


Being late on your second day of school

The struggle is real. This is three times worse than adjusting to daylight savings time.


You still hate your PE uniforms, but PE is surprisingly fun…


until the PE teacher tells everyone to go run a mile.


Reading your syllabi carefully for the first time

You hate to admit it, but your teachers were right: everything is on the syllabus. All the deadlines and group projects are starting to make you panic. Is it too soon to count down all the days to winter break?


Trying to cope with all the tests, projects, and papers that your teachers just announced

This is all going to prepare you for college and “real life,” or so they say. Yay…


Overwhelmed is an understatement at this point.


Studying while everyone else is asleep

What was that sound?! The eerie darkness, unnatural silence, your lukewarm cup of caffeine, and the blue light from your computer screen are all making you jittery. You study for 10 more minutes before giving up and going to bed. Staying up late to finish a drama was never this exhausting and creepy.

Waking up and wanting to crawl back into bed

Five or six hours of sleep aren’t enough. You seriously consider skipping school for five minutes only to realize that you can’t slack off on homework, studying, work, and extracurriculars. College and adulting can’t be worse than this — if only you knew.

Feeling invincible while wearing your favorite outfit for tests

There’s always that one overachieving teacher who manages to squeeze in a test or quiz during the first week of school.

Your test-taking outfit has never failed you before — except for that C in physics, but that doesn’t count cuz physics. You always throw on a comfy hoodie, joggers, and sneakers before hyping yourself up. You can do it. You got this!


You walk into class for your first test of the school year like:


But your test-taking anxiety comes back at full force once you see the test.

The loud ticking clock and all the pencil-tappers in the room aren’t helping matters.


Your gut reaction during any quiz, test, project, and presentation ever


Desperately catching up on sleep any chance that you get


Going into the weekend like:

You’re so done with the weekly emotional rollercoaster that you promise to be on top of all your homework and assignments from now on. Who are we kidding?!

But first, a fun day out with your friends.

What is your first week back at school usually like? Let us know in the comments below!

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