Choi Hwa Jung Expresses Gratitude For Positive Comments About Her And Lee Young Ja’s Swimsuit Bodies

Choi Hwa Jung recently expressed her gratitude for the positive responses towards herself and Lee Young Ja that came after a recent episode of “Food Bless You” where the ladies exuded body confidence in their swimsuits.

On the August 9 episode of “Food Bless You,” Choi Hwa Jung, Lee Young Ja, Song Eun Yi, and Kim Sook headed on a girls’ trip to Gapyeong. Befitting a show where the celebrities search for food that offers healing to their souls, they showed a great deal of therapeutic food and love for each other throughout the episode.

The four cast members, as well as the production staff, began by heading to Gapyeong, loaded with tons of food for the road. After a small detour at a movie theater, the ladies enjoyed their snacks in the car while they chatted and ate endlessly, and held one of the show’s segments, a counseling time.

When they arrived, they each revealed their own lunch boxes that they had packed and marveled at each other’s home-cooked meals.

The four then headed to the pool for some fun in the sun. However, it wasn’t as they expected, as the water had become quite hot due to the heat wave. That didn’t stop the ladies, as they tried to have fun in the water anyways.

After going into the water, Kim Sook realized that she had accidentally become quite exposed when the water made her white t-shirt almost transparent. She hilariously overcame the situation by sticking a few leaves onto her top and happily using a tube.

Choi Hwa Jung then revealed her bright, red swimsuit. She confidently and elegantly stepped into the water, looking sophisticated in her stylish swimsuit and sunglasses. Seeing her fellow member’s swimsuit body, Song Eun Yi exclaimed, “You look like a rich American!”

Lee Young Ja also stepped into the water, as she unhesitatingly took off her clothes. Wearing a cute striped swimsuit, she exuded an aura of beauty and charisma like no other, showing off her S-line curves. With her members cheering her on, she jumped into the pool.

After the episode aired, many people supported the women for wearing their swimsuits without caring about other people’s opinions. There were comments such as, “Are only skinny people allowed to wear swimsuits,” and “They’re cooler because they’re confident.”

Choi Hwa Jung also expressed her embarrassment and gratitude for all the positive reactions towards her on the August 10 broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time.”

She relayed her gratitude towards fans who had sent her nice messages about her swimsuit body. She stated, “I’m really embarrassed. Thank you for reacting so coolly. My face has turned red, but thank you.”

“Food Bless You” airs every Thursday at 9 p.m. KST.

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