Exclusive: EXID Reveals Their Favorite Lyrics, Memorable Moments, Skincare Tips, And More

Ahead of EXID’s upcoming appearance at HallyuPopFest 2018 in Singapore, we were recently able to have an exclusive interview with the entire group. The members talked about their favorite lines, most memorable comebacks, skincare tips and more!

Check out the full interview below!

Fans have been enjoying your Re:flower project recently! Are there any of your B-side tracks that you’d like to revisit and promote?

Hani: “Are You Hungry?”

Hyelin: “Too Good To Me”

Jeonghwa: “Like The Seasons.” The lyrics are beautiful and more importantly because it’s a song for the fans.

LE: “Every Night”

Solji: “Without You”

What’s your favorite line from any of your songs?

Hani: The rap in “Night Rather Than Day.”

Hyelin: “Weekend” – “After Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, the weekend that I’ve waited for, everything gets better”

Jeonghwa: “Will You Take Me” – “I just want to walk a little slowly, I don’t want to walk fast and fall down, and get hurt”

LE: “Weekend” – “You’re like Sunday morning, you wrap around my body like the sun”

Solji: The lyrics of “Like The Seasons”

Which comeback was the most memorable for each member and why?

Hani: During “Night Rather Than Day” promotions. “Night Rather Than Day” is a song that I’m especially attached to. I don’t usually look up the music charts, but I would check the ranking of this song on the chart every day.

Hyelin: During “Night Rather Than Day” promotions. It was the first promotion with 4 members without Solji, so I was very nervous.

Jeonghwa: During “DDD” promotions. I remember having a hard time because I was feeling a lot of burden and pressure. But because we did well, it’s a good memory for me now.

LE: Redoing the promotions for “Up And Down.” It was an amazing and precious experience.

Solji: Upcoming comeback activities! It has been long since we did activities as a whole group, so I’m looking forward to it.

What have been your most memorable moments on stage?

Hani: Dream concert in Pyeongchang. I got frostbitten.

Hyelin: The performances we had with Solji.

Jeonghwa: Last year’s EXID Asia Tour in Seoul 2017.

LE: All the performances are memorable.

Solji: My surprise appearance at EXID’s concert last year.

What are some of your hobbies?

Hani: Reading comic books

Hyelin: Reading books and watching movies

Jeonghwa: Watching dramas and movies

LE: Playing games, shopping, building legos, and watching American dramas

Solji: Recently would be watching dramas! American and Korean dramas

How do you relieve stress?

Hani: Reading comic books

Hyelin: Sleeping!

Jeonghwa: Spending some alone time at home

LE: Drinking alcohol, playing games, and sleeping

Solji: Watching videos, and listening to Joe Hisaishi’s music

Which members are most like Tom & Jerry (A.K.A argue a lot?)

Hani: Tom – LE, Jerry – Jeonghwa

Hyelin: All the members are like Tom & Jerry

Jeonghwa: If EXID were to be Tom & Jerry, it has got to be Tom – LE, Jerry – Jeonghwa

LE: Jeonghwa and LE

Solji: LE and Jeonghwa are the Tom & Jerry.

If EXID were to suddenly replace the Avengers, which Avenger would each member want to be?

Hani: Doctor Strange

Hyelin: Captain America

Jeonghwa: Actually I’m most curious of and would want to be Captain Marvel, but if I have to choose a character that has appeared, then it would be Scarlet Witch!

LE: Doctor Strange

Solji: Iron Man! I like Iron Man the most.

Can you share some skincare tips?

Hani: The number of cosmetics applied on the face should be reduced as much as possible.

Hyelin: Apply toner on cotton pads to clear dead skin cells.

Jeonghwa: When applying lotion and cream, be sure to layer multiple times.

LE: Drink lots of water!

Solji: Proper cleansing and I care most about moisturizing.

Which hairstyle has been your favorite thus far?

Hani: Short hair

Hyelin: My hair during “Lady” promotions.

Jeonghwa: Although every hairstyle has its own attractive point, my favourite would be natural waves.

LE: My hairstyle during the performance at KCON New York.

Solji: Grapefruit colored hair that I had.

What are your favorite foods to eat in the summer?

Hani: Cold buckwheat boodles

Hyelin: Cold noodles

Jeonghwa: Ginseng chicken soup

LE: Cold raw fish soup

Solji: Watermelon

EXID fans, what did you think of their answers? Did anything surprise you?

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