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Lee Seung Gi made a surprise visit to the “Produce 48” training center in the August 10 episode, where he gave the struggling contestants some uplifting advice.

Mnet’s “Produce 48” is a survival show that aims to create a 12-member girl group, with both Korean and Japanese contestants taking part in the competition. Actor and singer Lee Seung Gi is the main MC and national producer representative for the show.

During the latest episode, the contestants were shocked when Lee Seung Gi arrived in their practice room as they were preparing for the concept evaluations. Once all 30 of the remaining contestants gathered and sat down together, he explained that he’d come because he wanted to give them support and help them, and encouraged them to say anything they’d like.

Goto Moe raised her hand and tearfully explained how she’d dropped in the ranks and also had to move to another song, and so she felt hopeless. She asked him if he’s ever had a similar experience.

“That’s a very natural way to feel,” he said. He encouraged her to think of her situation as a soccer game, in which the players need to do their best until the end and not give up 10 minutes before the end if they’re not doing well on the scoreboard.

“I think people will think it’s beautiful if they see someone who’s decided to do their best until the end,” he said. “Also, they say that rough waters create an expert sailor. Once you get through this, you’ll probably find that you’ve become stronger on the inside.”

In the second eliminations, contestant Takeuchi Miyu fell to No. 30 in the rankings, after previously coming as high as No. 8 (it was revealed at the end of this episode that she has risen once again to No. 4).

During the filming, Takeuchi Miyu told Lee Seung Gi that she saw that her popularity had decreased when she looked at her ranking, and asked him for advice.

Lee Seung Gi replied, “I worry that if you look at the rankings and think ‘Oh, did I do something wrong?’ or ‘What do I need to do more?’ then the strengths that you’ve always had might not show as well either. I hope that you’ll keep going with the attitude that you should do your utmost with the things you’re the best at.”

Takeuchi Miyu thanked him and wiped away the tears she’d shed as he spoke. He also encouraged her to focus on her role when on stage, and not on her current ranking, and told her to hang in there.

“In that moment, you should think to yourself, ‘I’m the best,'” he said, and also told the contestants that it would be good if they thought a lot about finding their personal “color.”

He then asked the contestants to raise their hands if they look at comments online a lot. Lee Si An and Kwon Eun Bi both teased each other about how much they look at comments and view counts, and in the end many of the contestants raised their hands to say they look at them often.

When he asked Yabuki Nako if she looks at them, she replied, “I check them a lot!”

“Checking them is good,” he said. “Just look at them and enjoy. Look at the view count and the number of comments and quickly scroll through going, ‘Good, good!'” He acted out how they should just scroll by comments without reading but enjoying the number of them, making the contestants laugh.

Lee Seung Gi then gave them the news that the rest of the trainers would also be joining them for a surprise inspection, which made them nervous. Before he ended their conversation, he encouraged them to remember that it’s natural to make mistakes when under pressure in such a situation. He told them that they should think of any notes they receive from the trainers as a good thing, as they will allow them to figure out what they can do to improve.

They then ended their session with a round of applause, and the contestants commented in their interviews about how helpful their talk with him had been.

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