EXID And Weki Meki Share Their Thoughts On Hani And Choi Yoojung Joining

EXID’s Hani and Weki Meki’s Choi Yoojung are the next pair on “Secret Sister.”

Following the confirmation of their appearance, the two idols and their respective groups talked about their personalities and what they hoped their “sister” would be like during the August 10 broadcast.

“Secret Sister” follows pairs of female celebrities becoming “sisters” and bonding while temporarily living in the same apartment. During this episode, neither Choi Yoo Jung nor Hani knew that they are each other’s sister yet.

To the camera, Choi Yoojung introduced herself as a singer who grew up with no siblings. She revealed she’s timid around strangers at first but can easily warm up to people. She also showed her determination to get closer to her new sister on the show.

Kim Doyeon, Choi Yoojung’s fellow Weki Meki member, shared what kind of person she wished Choi Yoojung’s secret sister would be, saying, “Since Yoojung is very emotional, I wish she meet an older sister who fits well in that aspect.”

On the other hand, Hani showed how excited she was to meet her secret sister by writing down all kinds of activities they could do together. The idol revealed she always carried a notebook around and already had 84 things on her bucket list, making the crew burst into laughter. Hani enthusiastically exclaimed, “It’d be nice if we did these together!” Things on her bucket list included reading all the famous books in the world and riding a motorcycle.

Hani interviewed her members Hyerin and Jeonghwa and asked what kind of older sister she is. Hyerin sighed before joking, “I have to make you breakfast. I have to send you to school. I have to put on your socks. I have to drive you. I’m tired. I’m already tired.”

Jeonghwa’s answer was no different. She teased, “You’ll see a side of her that’s like a little sister. She’s like the youngest. You have to take care of everything for her. You have to open her [bottle of] water and [bag of] chips.”

When asked what she could do for her secret sister, Hani answered, “I can give her advice about her problems. During my hardships, I realized that in this career, it’s difficult to talk to people about them. Since my members are going through the same thing, if I tell them something worrisome or negative, then [those feelings] will quickly spread. So it’s difficult to find someone to talk to and discuss my problems with. So if there are others with that kind of problem, I think I’m someone they can talk to.”

Then she made a video message to her secret sister, saying, “Hello, little sister. You may feel a bit frustrated with me, but I hope we can make many good memories. I hope I can be someone who gives you strength. I look forward to [seeing you].”

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