BLACKPINK Reminisces About Their Trainee Period And Highlights Of Their Career

Not long after BLACKPINK celebrated their 2nd anniversary since their debut, the girl group sat down for a long-ranging interview about their career.

BLACKPINK first debuted on August 8, 2016, quickly becoming one of K-pop’s trendiest girl groups with hits like “BOOMBAYAH,” “Playing With Fire,” and “As If It’s Your Last.” In 2018 they broke their hiatus with “DDU-DU DDU-DU” and have broken several records, including for Korean girl groups on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Before BLACKPINK debuted, there was much speculation about the number of members to be included. The interviewer asked them if it had caused them unease to see some of their fellow trainees ultimately leave the company, YG Entertainment, before they could debut.

“We practiced harder,” they said instead. “We came here for a reason, and thought it would be such a shame if we weren’t able to realize our dream. So we resolved not to give up and went on.”

BLACKPINK then talked about their trainee period. “Even when we were tired and complaining about it, the conversation always turned back to food,” they said. “We shared our favorite restaurants and felt better.”

They then talked about their “no alcohol, no smoking, and no driving” ban. “That was during our trainee days,” they explained. “When we were trainees, we were all minors. Of course, we still voluntarily keep that rule. When we were told about the ban as trainees, we were so young that it seemed like things to do when one was a lot older. We laughed when we first heard about it.”

As for how they relieve stress, Rosé said, “Tears come to my eyes when I eat really good food. Not long ago my mom came and made me food and it was so good.”

Jisoo said, “I play with my dog and take a lot of photos and videos and play around.” Jennie added, “I sleep for about three to four hours a day, so I’d like to sleep for about 10 hours.”

Lisa concluded, “After I finish work for the day, I go back to the dorm and see my cat waiting for me and feel happy.”

When asked if they’d ever snuck out of their dorm without permission, they said, “On a holiday before our debut, the four of us went to a famous shopping mall, visited an aquarium, and ate at the food court. It wasn’t sneaking out though, because we’d been given a two-day holiday.”

Picking some highlights of their 2-year career, they shared, “The creation of our fanclub (BLINK) and our light stick. It made us happy to think that a connection had been forged between us and our fans. There are no regrets. If there are, we try to forget about them when we think of them.”

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