3 Things To Keep An Eye Out For In “Voice 2”

OCN’s “Voice 2” will soon be unveiling their heart-racing pursuits of criminals.

“Voice 2” follows the intense, chaos-filled lives of workers at an emergency call center as they help out and investigate cases. This season of the thriller will follow voice profiler Kang Kwon Joo (played by Lee Ha Na) and psychopathic detective Do Kang Woo (played by Lee Jin Wook), who observes the crime scene through the eyes of the criminal.

Ahead of the drama’s premiere, Lee Jin Wook, Lee Ha Na, and director Lee Seung Young have each chosen one thing to look out for in “Voice 2.”

1. Lee Jin Wook – “Look forward to Do Kang Woo’s unique personality.”

On his character, Lee Jin Wook commented, “Do Kang Woo is like a sharp knife. He looks at a crime scene through the eyes of a criminal, and he likes his job of catching criminals.” He picked his own character as something to keep an eye out for, saying, “As Do Kang Woo joined this season, the structure of the story got more complicated. We will show the viewers a lot of tense moments, as well as provide them with refreshing catharsis, so please look forward to it.”

2. Lee Ha Na – “The flash judgments and weight of life that creates tension.”

Lee Ha Na explained, “‘Voice 2’ is an amazing drama that creates tension through flash judgments based off of limited information, as well as through the weight of life that hangs in the balance based on those judgments.” The actress also hinted at this tension through previous teasers, saying lines such as, “There was someone else at the scene.” She added, “Please look forward to the synergy between my character and psychopathic detective Do Kang Woo, as they work on violent crimes.”

3. Director Lee Seung Young – “Hasty conclusions, and things that shouldn’t be predicted.”

The director shared, “‘Voice 2’ used real-life cases that are occurring in Korean society as motives. Our cast and crew sacrificed quite a bit to show the process of facing those cruel criminals. I think because of that, viewers will also become angry as they immerse further into the truth.” He continued, “[Viewers] should think twice before making hasty conclusions and making predictions about criminals, about victims, and about the case.”

“Voice 2” will air its first episode on August 11 at 10:20 p.m. KST.

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