5 Relationships That Viewers Are Falling In Love With In “30 But 17”

30 but 17” boasts a talented line of characters that have been adding different, but amazing dashes of chemistry to the drama.

SBS’s “30 but 17” has taken over the hearts of viewers, with the sweet story of Woo Seo Ri (played by Shin Hye Sun) who wakes up after a 13-year coma, and Gong Woo Jin (played by Yang Se Jong) who has cut himself off from the world.

Though there are many reasons “30 but 17” has been capturing the hearts of viewers, here are five relationships that are part of the drama’s sweet charm.

1. Woo Seo Ri and Gong Woo Jin

When watching the drama, viewers cannot help but cheer on the main couple of the show. Woo Seo Ri’s innocent, positive 17-year-old mindset, as well as Gong Woo Jin, whose heart is slowly opening after being tightly shut for 13 years, has created a heart-fluttering chemistry like no other. A highlight of their relationship is seeing the usually quiet and cold Gong Woo Jin gaze warmly at Woo Seo Ri and smile.

2. Woo Seo Ri and Yoo Chan

Another relationship that warms the heart is Woo Seo Ri and Yoo Chan (played by Ahn Hyo Seop). He caught the attention of viewers by supporting her when she became all alone in the world, and gave her strength when she was down, staying by her side. In a recent episode, Yoo Chan realized his feelings for Woo Seo Ri after Gong Woo Jin failed to shut her out of his life, bringing into question how the love triangle will turn out.

3. Woo Seo Ri, Gong Woo Jin, and Jennifer

Jennifer (Ye Ji Won) is a fresh batch of comedic relief, as Gong Woo Jin’s housekeeper in her daily interactions with both Woo Seo Ri and Gong Woo Jin. Woo Seo Ri ends up living with Gong Woo Jin, and helps out Jennifer around the house. Jennifer, however, continuously robotically repeats that Woo Seo Ri should think of the chores as precious, while pointedly paying for her labor in the very hand she refuses. Jennifer also has great chemistry with Gong Woo Jin, as they both toss their short words to each other, in a ping pong-like conversation.

4. Gong Woo Jin and Yoo Chan

Though it looks as though they might be entangled in a love triangle, Gong Woo Jin and Yoo Chan are actually quite close as uncle and nephew. Gong Woo Jin shows a never-before-scene warmth towards his nephew, even giving him a smooch on the cheek, while Yoo Chan spills all the cuteness in the world towards his uncle. They also adorably showed that they are indeed related, as they screamed exactly the same when scared, and clung to each other for dear life.

5. Yoo Chan, Han Duk Soo, and Dong Hae Bum

Yoo Chan, Han Duk Soo (played by Jo Hyun Sik), and Dong Hae Bum (played by Lee Do Hyun) add a refreshing bout of personalities to the drama. As high school best friends, their never-ending energy as well as youthful mindset create a great chemistry and fun energy.

“30 but 17” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST.

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