Watch: Chungha Wakes Up A Lucky Fan + Gives Advice On How To Succeed

One lucky fan was woken up by Chungha, and got to spend the day with her role model.

In a recent episode of Dingo’s “Please Take Care of My Morning Call” (literal translation), Chungha spent the day with an aspiring trainee, where she gave talked about her career and gave advice.

The episode began with Chungha pulling a hidden camera prank by calling her fan, Park Sook Hyun, pretending to be an entertainment agency on a casting call. Park Sook Hyun revealed that her role model was Chungha, after which Chungha revealed her identity. The singer then headed to her fan’s house, where she cooked her breakfast and talked about her career.

Chungha first noticed that posters of her and her CDs were around the house. Her fan shared, “I really like artists who enjoy the stage and show really good expressions. You have amazing expressions, to the point where I get goosebumps. Even when you did ‘Fingertip’ [on ‘Produce 101’], I thought it was really amazing.”

Park Sook Hyun then asked Chungha if she had felt the most nervous on “Produce 101.” Chungha answered, “I don’t think it was ‘Produce 101.’ I think I had more moments where I was nervous after I debuted. Even though there were times when I was nervous before my debut, looking back on it now, it wasn’t really that nerve-wracking. There’s always bigger things that are coming.”

Chungha then shared, “If it weren’t for ‘Produce 101,’ I don’t think I would have debuted. [At the time] it was a moment when I thought it just wasn’t meant to be. I had the things that I had practiced up until then, and so I started off being comfortable, when I shouldn’t have been, in kind of a state where I had given up.”

She continued, “But then that’s when it [popularity] happened. I think me being comfortable was what touched people. I think that everything has a moment. Whether it’s a moment where it’s not happening, or it is happening, you just need to do you best right now.”

The singer then fulfilled two of her fans wishes. She first showed the “look” moment in “Roller Coaster,” and she then taught her how to dance to her newest release “Love U.” Before they parted, Chungha presented her fan with a signed CD as well.

Watch Chungha get close with her fan below!

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