HaHa Raves About MAMAMOO’s Hwasa And Expresses His Gratitude After Collaboration

HaHa has nothing but positive things to say about MAMAMOO’s Hwasa!

On August 13, HaHa shared photos of himself with MAMAMOO’s Hwasa and Skull on his Instagram. He then wrote a detailed post describing what it was like to work with her on a collaboration performance of “Dang Diggi Bang.”

He wrote:

“I usually can’t express my thoughts well unless I’ve been really moved, but I want to say something about Hwasa who performed with us on ‘Music Core.’ Our Hwasa, I mean Ms. Hwasa, I mean Goddess Hwasa! I was so touched by her respectfulness. When my wife and I watched Hwasa performing on stage on TV, we would say ‘Wow. She’s amazing. So cool! Swag!’ I thought that she has everything, from performance to live singing skills. But! I’m writing this because it’s a waste for just me and Skull to know a cooler side of Hwasa (although you may know already).

“Anyway. We met Goddess Hwasa and were able to be on the same stage with her. Nervously, we headed to MAMAMOO’s practice room to practice for the ‘Music Core’ performance. I opened the doors to the practice room and Hwasa was sitting on the edge of the desk with earphones on. She was wearing a black top and dressed in all black. Hwasa looked like she was full of charisma like Eminem from ‘8 Mile’ and Black Panther from ‘Avengers’! She looked like a warrior… wow. (This post is sounding like a MAMAMOO sasaeng post! Hahaha) I have to go film now so I’ll continue writing this a bit later.

“I’m back! Finally, time to practice! After a little bit of friendly conversation, we happily shared thoughts on how to decorate the stage. I know that she agreed to the collaboration performance despite a really busy schedule, so I didn’t want to bother her. To be honest, I’m a careful and kind person, but I suggested ideas about this and that. But, oh? She was open to everything, so I got ambitious. ‘Let’s dance like this here. Let’s do ad-libs here. Wow, she’s saying okay to everything? Then, can you do this at this part too?’ Stang Diggi Diggi Diggi Dang Diggi Bang! Diggi Diggi Dang Diggi Dang Diggi Bang! ‘Hmm…I’ll work on it.’ ‘What? Why is she like this?’ ‘Hwasa, I get confused here and get it wrong here too. If you dance, it’ll be amazing but if you can’t do it well, just let me know.’ Then, we left.

“The next day, an audio message was posted in our group chat…Oh my gosh! She got ‘Ding Diggi Bang’ perfect in one day. I was so surprised at Hwasa’s sincerity and more than anything, she was serious about it and said that it was an honor to be with a rookie reggae group. Ha, wow she’s crazy. I promised that I’d make it up to her while living as a cool older guy.

“Did everyone watch ‘Music Core?’ As expected! She was sick! Ha… She was always full of sincerity, did her best, and made us happy with her charisma on stage. Hwasa is considerate and kind off-stage and makes everyone around her feel warm, which made me realize a lot of things and feel grateful! Goddess Hwasa! Hye Jin! We’ll be good to you! Thank you so so much! Thank you for this precious meeting! Don’t get sick and continue to fly high! MooMoo [MAMAMOO’s fans] must be happy because they’re with a true singer! Goddess Hwasa! Thank you so much! Dang Diggi Bang! You blew my mind! Ya man!

In his many hashtags, HaHa also joked, “Honey, I love you. It’s a misunderstanding. I’m working. My wife is a fan too.”

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Check out HaHa, Skull, and Hwasa’s performance on “Music Core” below!

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