Han Go Eun Opens Up About Her Difficult Childhood And Says She's Thankful For Her Husband

Han Go Eun spoke about her past and her gratitude for her husband on SBS’s “Same Bed Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny.”

On August 13, the reality show revealed the everyday life of Han Go Eun and her husband Shin Young Soo.

The actress prepared dinner for her husband on a Friday night. She made her husband’s favorite dish, beef radish soup, along with other side dishes. He soon got off work and came home to eat dinner with his wife. He enjoyed the food and told her, “It’s so delicious.”

Han Go Eun showered her husband with love. She said, “Breadwinner, you worked hard for this week to earn money. Isn’t it yummy? Kisses.”

The staff asked the actress if there was still sweet romance between the couple. He answered, “I look forward to getting off work. I still get surprised when I see my wife in the morning because she’s pretty.” Han Go Eun replied that she also still gets nervous.

The next morning, the couple were affectionate while lying in bed. Watching the footage from the studio, Seo Jang Hoon commented, “You seem cold in public, but you’re full of cuteness at home.”

Han Go Eun and her husband then ate cup noodles at home. She commented, “When I see cup noodles, it reminds me of the past. When my life was full of ups and downs, I ate this because I really didn’t have money. For one cup noodle, I used half of the soup packet and overcooked the noodles.”

During her interview, she explained, “My family was always poor. I worked part-time jobs since my third year of middle school. It was my wish to go to school with just my backpack. I worked so much in college that I was hungry because I didn’t have money. I went out at 5 a.m. and returned at night at 12. There was no time to eat. There was a time when I used to say that I wished I could be full all day after taking a pill and my younger siblings said the same thing.”

Describing her difficult times after immigrating, she stated, “I’m sure others were like that at the time, but it was not easy.” Han Go Eun expressed gratitude for her husband by adding, “I often say ‘You’re a gift that God sent me.’ I’m going to live for a long time while enjoying this gift.”

Han Go Eun and her husband enjoyed a date on their scooter and she made others laugh by putting her hands on his chest while sitting behind him.

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